Can Instagram help my congested nose?

This week’s weather was SO cold! If you’re already battling a stuffy nose, here’s a link to an article I spotted on the website Well + Good that talks about a couple of videos (on Instagram and on TikTok) that have gone viral because they’ve demonstrated techniques used to help alleviate a stuffy nose in only 15 seconds using only your thumb.

I’m usually skeptical of things on social media, but we all know how uncomfortable it is to try to sleep at night when you’re congested. So if this helps, it’s worth a shot. It seems like something easy enough for kids to try, too.

Click HERE to see the article on How to Unblock Your Stuffy Nose in 15 Seconds Using Your Thumb on the Well + Good website.

Stay healthy, mamas! It looks like we’ll get a bit of warmer weather next week for the holiday!