Birthday Girls List winners announced!

Time for the Birthday Girls List again!

Here’s how it works: If you’re having a birthday or anniversary in August, e-mail us at (or comment below) and we’ll throw your name in the party hat. There will be a birthday dinner winner and an anniversary dinner winner, courtesy of NWArestaurants. 🙂

Winners will be announced on or around the first of the month.


The birthday dinner winner is Rhonda Bramell, who celebrated her b-day July 14! She wins dinner to Table Mesa , courtesy of! Happy anniversary to winner Karine, who recently celebrated 4 years of marriage with her husband Tom! They win the gift certificate to Shogun. Woot!

We want to wish a happy birthday or anniversary to some other mamas who celebrated in July:

Meredith, 12th anniversary, July 3

Rachel Huff, 6th anniversary, July 3

Leah Carpenter, 14th anniversary, July 4

Karine, 4th anniversary, July 21

Cheryl V, 25th birthday on July 10

Ashley Stone, “40 and Fab” birthday on July 13

Rhonda Bramell, July 14 birthday

Amanda Jones, July 15 birthday

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Thanks, mamas, and we look forward to wishing you a happy birthday!


  1. My hubby & I will be celebrating 41 yrs. on August 16th. It gets better and better!!

  2. My hubbs & I are celebrating our 11th on 8/12/11…… Which is also his dad’s birthday :)……

  3. My birthday is August 27th. We had big plans to celebrate but not sure bills are going to let that happen.

  4. It’s already starting… a few years ago I KNEW when I hit 30, but when my birthday came up this year and a friend asked how old I was turning- I didn’t realize I’d told her the wrong number until I got home and did the math. Augh! My birthday was Aug. 3 and I actually turned 34. Sorry Pam! Didn’t mean to lie to you!

  5. August 11th is our dating anniversary!! 13 years ago we had our First date at the Tonitown Grape Festival! We always make it a point to go back one night during the festival. If it wasnt for this first date we never would have made it this far!!

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