Beauty Buzz: Easy shortcuts to get festive in a flash over the holidays

By Andi Douglas, beauty editor and mama of 3

Everyone knows motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint, but the two-month period between Halloween and New Year’s Dat is like one of those crazy races where everyone wears tutus and they have random obstacles, like riding a tricycle with flippers on or climbing a wet, muddy wall.

Black Friday sale starts at Target and Walmart at the same time? Team work!

You can’t climb that wall without help from your friends…and you might have to climb on someone’s shoulders to achieve your goal.

Not sure what scooter you should get for your tween? Get on there and test that weight limit! Bonus points if you have an older teen you can embarrass in the process.

Unlike other seasons where your to-do list outweighs your done list, during the holiday season you are also expected to dress up and look glamorous for several events: office parties, New Year’s bashes, the dreaded extended family group photo.

But between stalking the Fedex guy for your packages and driving to three Walmart’s to get a LOL Surprise Big Surprise, who has time for pedicures, hair appointments or that last desperate push at the gym to slim down?

No worries, there is no reason you would have to go to your cousin’s Friendsgiving in your yoga pants and messy bun. Here are some easy shortcuts to get festive in a flash:

A manicure is an absolute must for a lot of women, when it comes to completing the perfect look, but you don’t always have time for a 30-60 minute break in a salon. Or worse, you find the time and then accidentally chip your mani while wrapping a last minute gift.

A friend of mine was showing off her chic black manicure when she confessed that they were actually imPRESS Press on One-step Gel nails from Walmart. They are also available at Target and drugstores for around $6 and come in a multitude of colors but I do love a black nail for special occasions. The fit looked amazing and she said they have stayed put through all of her normal mommy duties.

If you can’t get in to the salon for a cut and color, you’re not alone. Even if I can find the time, I rarely feel like spending that kind of money on myself that close to the holidays. Luckily, with the rise in popularity of dry shampoo, many companies have come up with slightly tinted formulas, like Bumble and Bumble Bb.Hair Powder, that will help camouflage your roots and buy you a couple of extra days on your blowout.

If it’s a trim you’re needing and your ends are looking a little frayed, try adding more texture with a curling wand. A wand provides a more natural looking curl that will make uneven ends seem more intentional. The L’ange curling wand is a cult favorite. You can find these online or at any beauty store, but take the time to check Homegoods or TJMaxx when you’re there getting another casserole dish for your MIL and you can get a great deal. I found one for $25 this week!

Now, if you never quite made it to your summer bod, and that turned into your fall sweater bod and you’re on your way to a nog bod, well that sounds like New Year’s problem and don’t stress about it.

But if you don’t have time to shop for a new work-appropriate cocktail dress and need to make last year’s work, then a body shaper can help smooth you out a little and buy you a little wiggle room so you feel more comfortable.

If you are new to the world of lycra, then a bike short with a very high rise is the most popular silhouette. The skirts can spontaneously sproing up into your waist and you are left with a spandex belt and that’s never good (this is from personal experience unfortunately). And buy the right size! Buying down a size will only give you a stomach ache and self esteem issues. The most popular brand, Spanx is available at Target now but other brands are sold in department stores so don’t give up if you don’t see exactly what you need when you swing by the panty department on a Christmas light run to the Bullseye.

Adding some new accessories to a classic dress will make it seem like new and you can order necklaces via Amazon Prime and don’t have to worry about fit because jewelry is one size fits all…PRAISE!

If your skin is feeling a little dry and you’re looking a teensy tired, you can also order face masks online from Seoul Mamas for a little Revitalizing! {Read last week’s post where my friends and I got naked — our faces, anyway! — to try out these k-beauty masks.}

The fact that I actually got really excited for this hectic season speaks volumes about my propensity for chaos, but this really is my time to shine. You forgot about Christmas gifts for your all dance teachers? I’m on it! Need a custom jersey for a Halloween costume by tomorrow? Hold my Diet Coke!

You’ll notice these things involve doing for others and not myself because I’m a mama and that’s how we roll.

Happy Mayhem Season, Mamas!

Beauty Buzz is sponsored by Seoul Mamas beauty masks. Click here to read more about Geri and how these sheet masks can improve your skin and help you get in a few minutes of needed self care. They also make great gifts! Geri will be at the NWA Boutique Show on Nov. 16-17, so stop by and grab some k-beauty! Or you can order online.

Andi Douglas always makes us laugh and is the mama of three especially cute kiddos. She loves talking about hair and make-up, so send her a question about either of those two topics and she’ll be happy to help a mama out. Email her at mamasATnwaMotherlodeDOTcom.