Beauty Buzz: “Ask Amy” about longer lashes

Dear Amy,

I read about a new product that promises to grow longer eyelashes. Does this really work?

Dear Skeptical,mdlashfactor.jpg

RevitaLash, Jan Marini Eyelash Conditioner and MD Lash Factor are among a new group of products promising thicker, longer and even darker eyelashes. The good news is that these products really do work!!!

I’ve been using MD Lash Factor (pictured right) for two months and can already see a difference in the length and thickness of my lashes and eyebrows (according to the product information, it takes four months to see the full results). It’s simple to use – you just apply it like liquid eyeliner once daily (before bed is best).

The only down side is that it’s pricey. One tube of MD Lash Factor is $140, but for nicer eyelashes, I think it’s worth it.

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