Beauty Buzz: Ask Amy about online favorites

Dear Amy,

What’s your favorite make-up related web site?

Dear Online Surfer Girl,

For all topics related to makeup, I love The site features an extensive “Product Review” section where consumers post their opinions about hundreds of different products. The reviews are sorted by category (liquid foundation, eyeliner, etc.), and brand (MAC, Maybelline, etc.), and even have lists of the “Newest Products” and “Best Values.”

The web site requires you to become a member to access the reviews (a simple and free process – just enter a user name, password and email address). I find the site’s “Top Picks” section to be a great resource when I want to try something new. It’s so much fun to check out what others have to say about your favorite (or least favorite) products. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Click on the logo above if you want to go check it out. Happy surfing!

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