Beauty Buzz: Andi’s favorite moisturizing products for cold weather

Dear Andi,

In the winter, I start to look like an alligator with all my dry skin. What are your favorite moisturizing products for cold weather?

Since cold weather is about all we are seeing up here (as a Texan, NWA will always be “up” to me), and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, it’s time to stop suffering with itchy, dry skin.

The cold temps are technically not at fault, but more so our countermeasures to the Polar Vortex.

With the heat blaring in our homes and cars, space heaters in the bathroom and blissfully long, hot showers, your skin is taking a beating.

First, the advice that will make you shake your head in denial: NO MORE HOT SHOWERS! Warm is fine; cold is great but insane.

Since I know everyone will be generous with the definition of “warm”, try to keep your shower under five minutes. Your winter hiatus on leg shaving should help with that goal.

honest body oilPrep your skin before getting in the shower by applying a body oil all over your body (skip the face unless you have a specialized facial oil). Body oils are becoming more popular and can be found at the drugstore, but I like the organic Honest Body Oil (, $9.95).

Warm the oil between your hands and rub into your skin, giving it a minute to soak-in before you get in the shower. (I have not tried coconut oil, but since it seems to be a miracle product, I would love to hear if any of you have any experience using it pre-shower.)

The oil is also great for post-shower moisturizing, but if you crave the refreshing feel of lotion, dermatologists swear by the super affordable staple Cetaphil. The no-frills, fragrance free moisturizer is available at Walmart, Target, online…pretty much anywhere you like to shop. Cetaphil, also, has formulas that are safe for use on your face.

It may be psychosomatic, but since I have started typing this, my itchiness has increased 10 fold. Of course, it could be the wool socks I got for Christmas and am addicted to, or the space heater under my desk draining the last of my moisture.

I’ll just go lather up with lotion and start my nightly ritual of chanting no more snow days, no more snow days, while Facebook-stalking Springdale School District. Stay strong, Mamas, winter has to end sometime!

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  1. Thanks for the great advice, Andi. I do use coconut oil, even on my face, before showers (when I have time…). Since it has such a low melting point it just leaves a nice barrier on the skin without feeling too oily afterward.

    • Good to know about the coconut oil! Thanks for letting us know how it works.

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