Beauty Buzz: Advice for concealing a scar for family pics

Dear Andi,

How should I cover my scar for upcoming family photos?

Some people look at their scars as a badge of honor, but I see the scar on my chin as an embarrassing reminder of sub-par roller skating skills, so I understand the desire to minimize the appearance of a scar.

medermaUnfortunately, no scar can be completely erased but you can minimize the appearance by applying a daily scar reducing treatment, like Mederma scar cream plus SPF 30. I like the combo cream because plastic surgeons recommend protecting your scar from the sun to keep it from darkening. The cream will also help soften the texture if the scar which will make it easier to cover over time.

Place a liquid concealer over your scar and gently blend it into your scar. Resist the temptation to glob it on if you need more coverage, just keeping blending it in by thin layers.

Blend your foundation into the concealer using your fingertips, a sponge or a foundation brush (my favorite). For a particularly dark scar try Dermacolor Skin Camouflage, a professional grade foundation system, available on Amazon for around $27.

Finally, dust a light coat of powder over your foundation to set your makeup and make the scar less shiny. This will especially help in photographs.

Most of all, remember that your scar is more obvious to you than anyone else and they will only be looking at your beautiful smile.

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