You can help with cancer research: 500 people needed from NWA

I can’t imagine that anyone reading this post has not been affected by cancer in some way.

If you’d like to help future generations possibly avoid the hated C word, there’s a way we can all help.

We can help create a world with less cancer.

We can help create a world with more birthdays.

We have a chance of a lifetime – literally it will close in December and will not be back for 30 more years. The American Cancer Society is seeking to enroll 500 in Northwest Arkansas in the Cancer Prevention Study 3 during the week of Sept 17-20. (If you don’t live in NWA, you can take part in a study in your area. Click here to find out where.)

Enrollment Dates:

Sept 17 | Hope Cancer Resources | Springdale | 9AM-1:30PM

Sept 18 | Fayetteville Public Library | Fayetteville | 2PM – 6:30PM

Sept 19 | Mercy Family YMCA | Rogers, Village on the Creeks| 9AM-1:30PM

Sept 20 | Center for Non-Profits | Rogers | 9AM – 1:30PM

“This is our chance to give a gift to the next generation; a gift of answers – to possibly provide for our children and their children a world that is truly cancer free.  But, to get there, we need people now to enroll and be part of a long term study,” said Keisha Pittman, a cancer survivor and Area Director with the American Cancer Society.

What’s involved? Registering for an appointment, filling out a survey online before you arrive, coming to an enrollment site (1 location in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville) and giving a small blood sample and answering a survey every 2 years or so over the next 20 years. Anyone age 30-65 who has never had cancer is eligible to enroll. No money, not much personal time, and the opportunity to save millions of lives.

The first study in this series was done in the 1950s and linked cancer and smoking — just 50 years ago.

Getting involved is easy. You go to and pick a date and time to register. Fill out the survey that comes in the mail, show up to your appointment and then wait for that survey.

“One friend recently made the comment that her 2 year old son would grow up and as a senior in college, when this study is complete, he will live in a different world that we know today and when the results are shown and proclaimed to the world, he will be able to say, ‘My mom was part of that.’ What a legacy!” Keisha said.

She added, “It’s a rare opportunity to personally be involved in a cancer research program and the special thing about this opportunity is that its all about prevention. If we can stop the disease and find out more about what causes it, we have to focus less on treating after its already manifested and more on stopping it from even happening.

“As a cancer survivor myself, I’m grateful for those who have gone before, for those who took the experimental treatment that saved my life and for those who were involved in 1971 in Cancer Prevention Study -2 and helped us find more answers to living healthier lives.”

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Until there’s a cure!