Beauty Buzz: Some new Spring trends to try!

By Andi Douglas, nwaMotherlode beauty editor and mama of 3

Interesting fact about me: I was born on the first day of spring. Which means first, my dad almost named me Spring, which is so bizarre if you have met me. Flowers, bunnies and rainbows are not words that would ever describe me or my personality. Thunderstorms maybe.

Second, I just had a birthday. But we will talk about anti-aging stuff another day.

Today, I’m feeling optimistic and ready to mix it up a little. I’m pretty bad about finding a look that I like and not changing for years but that’s all changing today! Well, at least one thing is changing today!

eyeGood news for those of us who are not art majors, but also like to wear make-up: the dramatic-but-difficult winged liner can take a back burner for a while. I, personally, always pare back my black liner during the warmer months anyway, but instead of cutting it out altogether, try using a pencil liner to line the water line around your eye instead.

Your water line is the area of eyelid under your lashes, for the top — and above your lashes, for the bottom. Although the change can feel a little weird at first, it is actually very simple, just start with a sharp pencil and take your time.

I have been a tinted Chapstick girl for quite a while now, but I’ve been feeling a little washed out lately, so wearing actual lipstick is where I will be dipping my toes. Thankfully, I can just skip right back to one of my old comfort zones since the 90s are still trending, reflected especially in the resurgence of rose and brown-hued lipsticks.

Don’t worry, I won’t be wearing any of the actual tubes left over from my early years (although I did find some particularly disgusting leftovers while helping my mom clean out her attic). Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rose Velvet looks wonderfully creamy and classic. Or update the look by choosing a matte lipstick in a 90s shade, like NYX Lingerie in Embellishment. This was a little too brown for me but I have seen it on women embellishmentwith darker complexions than mine and it is gorgeous.

Big shocker, but fresh, youthful-looking skin is also in. Thankfully, we can fake it! One way is with the NYX Dewy Finish setting spray. If you do not already use a setting spray as a part of your daily routine, I highly recommend it. Unless you are one of the special people who can resist touching their face all day, this will help protect all of your hard work from the elements and your grubby hands.

Bright, bold blush is also making a comeback, but to prevent looking like a Dynasty rerun, forgo brushing the blush up your temple and into your hairline, but focus on the apple of your cheek. Your goal is a natural flush like you would get from exercise without the actual work of exercise, of course.

Last but not least, metallics and glitter. They aren’t going anywhere but are being used with a lighter hand than you may have seen in the cooler months. Try gently sweeping a glittery shade of silver eye shadow across your lid or try this deconstructed mani style that looks low maintenance and chic at the same time.


Help me get inspired to try something new! Comment with a new Spring trend you’re testing out! Happy trendsetting, Mamas.

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