Beauty Buzz: Going glam on New Year’s

Dear Andi,

I want to look “glamorous” on New Year’s Eve, but I am stuck in my old make-up routine. What do you recommend to make the night more special?

Dear Glamour-envious,

Back in the day, you could have piled on the glitter make-up, thrown on your shortest dress and felt as special as the night ahead of you, but, if you want a look that’s more glam than glitz, you might want to consider turning to the pros.

False eye-lashes are instant glamour, but can be a little intimidating to apply. The MAC counter at Dillard’s offers eyelashes for $13 and will adhere them to your lids for $8 (the cost of the glue, apparently).

If you really want to go all out, locally owned Glo Limited (479-571-4456) has special occasion make-up application available starting at $35, or you can just get a little oomph with an eyes, cheeks and lips application for $15.

Have the sitter come early and do something unexpected with your hair. If it’s normally curly, straighten it with a ceramic iron (if you don’t have one, someone you know does…try your friends for a loaner).  If straight hair is your daily look, add some curl with a 1” barrel curling iron. Pin the curls up and 31s2np6t4bl_aa280_pibundle-1topright00_aa280_sh20_.jpglet them cool before shaking them out with a few head flips, just don’t let your date see you because flinging your head around like a maniac really zaps the glamour out of your image, fast!

Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!

 Andi Douglas is a local mom of two and the ruling beauty queen at nwaMotherlode. E-mail your questions to her at and the answer may be featured in her weekly column.