Baby names blowing up in popularity

If you’re pregnant and in the process of brainstorming potential baby names, we KNOW how hard that decision can be. We’ve been there, too.

Most of us like to have the baby’s name ready to go months before birth, but some parents like to wait until the big arrival so they can decide what “feels” right once they meet the newest member of the family.

To help in your quest to find a name you love, here is a link to a list of the fastest-rising baby names in America (found on the Good Morning America website.) Some of the names gaining popularity are names I’ve never even heard before! It’s an interesting list for both boys and girls.

This post will also give you a run-down of the current most popular names in America this year (as well as links to the 2021 list).

We hope this helps you find a baby name that you can’t wait to see embroidered on a new baby blanket.

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