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Hey girls, we’re introducing a new feature today on nwaMotherlode called Ask the Mamas. This new feature comes with an awesome giveaway, too: two free V.I.P. movie passes to any Malco theater and dinner at Chili’s! All you have to do to throw your name in the hat is answer the question of the day (see below).

popcorn-and-drink.jpgWe’re excited to announce that “Ask the Mamas” is sponsored by Core4 Research, a company that began here in Northwest Arkansas. This is a research company that’s in the business of “asking the mamas”. They conduct focus groups on lots of household brand names we’re all familiar with. (And yep, they pay local mamas just for giving their opinions in a focus group. Score! We’ll tell you how you can get in on that in a second.)

Here’s the question of the day: If you could give a mom-to-be some great advice, what would it be?

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Got more opinions? One of the things Core4 does best is gather opinions from moms just like us through focus groups. Since mamas are the ones buying the brands, Core4 wants to know our true thoughts about the products.

During a focus group, you get to talk with other grown-ups (woo-hoo!), share your opinions, have snacks, go to the bathroom without your toddler, AND GET PAID for your time. (Focus groups last about two hours.)

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The Motherlode mamas have been to Core4 and it’s a beautiful office building that feels more like a home. The view is incredible. Rest assured this company is legit and will NOT try to sell you anything. They’re only interested in your opinions on products. We would never sell out our fellow moms on a company that wasn’t 100 percent legitimate.

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  1. Travel, go out to eat, and sleep, sleep, sleep before you have children!

  2. My advice would be to enjoy each phase. . even though you think this time of their little life is trying it seems to only get harder. Each step on this journey should be appreciated. (If only there was a book with ALL the answers of what we a mommy should do!) When people tell you the time goes by fast they really mean it.

  3. My advice would be to make time for yourself. It’s easy to become so involved in your kids lives that you lose your own identity. Make some time, even if it is just 10min a day for yourself.

    God bless all the mamas out there…

  4. My advice would be to enjoy every single moment because it goes by so fast. Try not to say things like, “I can’t wait till he/she talks, I can’t wait till he/she walks.” Etc, etc…..Just try to ENJOY every moment they’re in!!

  5. I would advise to be easy on yourself. One of the best bits of advice my best friend gave me was to lower my expectations. I thought this was crazy at the time, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Sometimes that means no shower, beds don’t get made, and dinner is take-out! Try to focus on that little treasure and not all of the inconsequential stuff. =)

  6. Enjoy your little ones, they grow up way too fast. And, be kind to yourself. So what if they house work doesn’t get done all the time? You and your little ones are more important. Take care of you and them first.

  7. To relax, ask for and accept help, shower whenever you get the chance and trust your instincts.

  8. try to relax and enjoy each stage of your children. try not to compare them to other kiddos because they are ALL different!

  9. I’m a grandma but I feel I have some
    good advice for new moms. Be sure to
    discipline your children while they are
    young and cute. Don’t wait until they
    are older to teach them manners and
    how to behave. If they don’t learn it
    at a young age you will have major
    trouble keeping them in line when they
    are older. This would actually be a
    gift to yourself.

  10. Make sure to enjoy each moment as it happens. The time goes by too quick and before you know it, they are gone and on their own. Cherish each hug, kiss and snuggle time and don’t hurry them up to grow up.

  11. My advice would be to get plenty of sleep and go about your day as if it’s just like any other day. Worrying about every little thing can be overwhelming. Just have fun with your new little one because they don’t stay little forever.

  12. I know when I get frustrated, it seems like my son (he’s almost 3) and I are more likely to butt heads. I try to let him make small decisions so he feels like he has a say. I’ve learned that if I just relax and pick my battles, we usually both end up happier!

  13. TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! Everyone needs to have some alone time to recharge and relax and having a new baby can wear you out. So call your mom/friend/sister/ANYONE you trust to watch the baby for even just an hour and get out of the house by yourself

  14. Pick your battles! So many things are not worth fretting over… enjoy every moment!

  15. When it seems like you are at your wits end, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Count to ten. It’s amazing how much more relaxed you are after doing this.

  16. Rely on the Lord for strength and remember His mercy is new every morning. There will be times when being a mom is the hardest thing you’ll ever do but it is so rewarding! Just stay strong!

  17. My advice is to trust your instincts and don’t worry about every little thing and just enjoy the baby.

  18. It’s okay to take a time out for yourself. If you’re getting frustrated and Baby is cranky, make sure they’re clean, fed and safe… then you can go to your room (or a quieter room from where baby is) and take 5-10 mins for yourself. Baby may continue to cry, but you know s/he is safe and has all her needs taken care of- and it might keep you from reacting poorly and regretting it later.

  19. My advice would be to rest as much as possible, and to have grace for yourself. Enjoy your baby! Try not to worry, and ASK FOR HELP when you need it! The time when they are little goes by too fast… Rest and help make it much more enjoyable.

  20. i would say give yourself some grace. love them and hug them every minute you can and lock yourself in your bathroom when you need to. you won’t do it perfect but they don’t need a perfect mama. it goes so fast. just let yourself enjoy every day, even the mundane.

  21. The way I broke the news to my sister 17 years ago that she was going to be an aunt was to say, “I need the best piece of advice one sister can give to the other…What’s the best way to prevent stretch marks?” She hem-hawed around and said, “Definitely Vitamin B cream from your knees to your chin”, then paused, screamed in laughter, realizing I’d just told her I was expecting for the first time. I DID take her advice to heart and never once did I get a single stretch mark. (Thanks Sissy!) Other than that, always remember to make time for yourself, let your children know they are special and shower them with love. You CAN spoil them in a good way to the point that they grow up to be honest, fun-loving, generous young adults. Never go a day without hugging & kissing your children and letting them know they are special and you love them like no other–even if you’ve got more than one.

  22. Remeber that you are only human, and no one is “The Perfect Mom!” There is no such thing. All you can do is love your baby with all your heart, and ask for help when you need it.

  23. Enjoy every moment. Even when you are up at all hours of the night. They grow up so fast so enjoy every moment, every hug and kiss, every snuggle. Count it joy!

  24. Rest as much as possible, take each day one moment at a time… This is one of the greatest blessings of your life, enjoy it and spend each day hugging and kissing your bundle of joy….they grow up sooo fast….

  25. Advice for first time Moms…when they are infants…sleep when the baby sleeps…everything else can wait. You need your rest as much as the baby.

    When they get older…choose your battles.

  26. Sleep as much as you can, enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast. Be spontaneous and take lots of pictures because you are responsible for their childhood memories.

  27. Try to enjoy the early days and try not to do too much. Don’t worry about the housework, bills, weight, etc. The newborn days go by so fast.

  28. Never put anything ie….work,housework,
    before your children that stuff will always be there but your children grow up so fast!

  29. You are raising a human being! That in itself is an accomplishment every single day. Everything else- the dishes, the laundry, whatever- is secondary. A day of cuddles and naps with your little one is a successful and productive day.

  30. My advice would be to take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt. What works for other well meaning moms/friends/relatives/complete strangers may or may not work for you & your family. You will come to understand your baby & their wants/needs quickly so don’t be afraid to smile & nod when given advice & then do what is best for your baby!

  31. Only fight the big stuff. So what your child wants to wear pink elmo slippers, purple pants and an orange top what’s it going to hurt. Now if she want’s to wear a bathing suit in a snow storm that’s the battle to fight.

  32. Mommy-to-be…just do what feels nature and what feels good to you as you raise your baby. Do not stress over when to take the paci away or what sleeping method to use, etc. Different things work for different babies so just enjoy and relax as much as possible!

  33. Be patient and live life one day at a time! Don’t spend too much time worrying about the future and cherish each day as a gift – for each day is a blessing!!!

  34. What would I tell a mom to be?
    #1 An old great grandmother once told me that if I greeted my child every morning with a smile… it would give my child the gift of a lifelong happy disposition. It made a huge difference and I don’t know if I would have thought of that without her advice. My son had colic the first three months of his life. It was sometimes a real effort to come into his room with a huge smile on my face and a happy greeting. But, that is what he needed from me. I believe now he handles difficulties with a smile because I planted that attitude in him with my own.
    #2 – I would also tell the mom2be to savor the moments and enjoy the time with the baby and child. None of the time comes back to us so the housework should always take second place to your child. You will never regret putting down the cleaning rag and ignoring the housework to nuture.
    Another thing, always remember that people are not coming to see your house … they are visiting you or your children… preventing visitors because your housework is not up to par is a mistake. As moms, our priorities will change and that is okay.

  35. From a mom of three and a high school literacy specialist: Read your child every day! A love of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give and your child will reap a lifetime of benefits. When you have a 10 year old who begs you to crawl in bed with her and listen to her read her newest book, when your 14-year-old son chooses to turn off the tv and read or enjoys reading more than the wii, you know you’ve done something right!

  36. Not to take anything or anyone for granted! Appreciate every moment you have and never ignore advice! Always listen to advice others give – even if you choose not to follow it!

  37. I would say: Accept all the help you can get. If your neighbor says “Can I do anything to help?” don’t say “No, we’re fine”….say “Could you hold the baby for 15 minutes while I take a shower?” or “Would you mine picking a few things up at the store?”…You just had a baby, you can’t do it’s okay to ask for help!!!

  38. Relax… and don’t worry so much about what the parenting guides say. Remember, your baby’s not reading that book anyway so doesn’t know when she’s “supposed” to be reaching some milestone like rolling over or crawling or talking.

  39. Take good care of your health. Eat good nutritious meals, walk, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs unless prescribed, and don’t drink alcohol in any amount. Take your prenatal vitamins and get prenatal care.You are carrying precious cargo.

  40. My advice would be that you love on them as much as possible and to not compare their “stage” with anyone else. All babies are different and they develope different abilities at different times. They are all beautiful perfect little gifts from God!

  41. Appreciate every moment you have, the good and the bad. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you want or need something, be it help or for someone to accept your choices as you have made them. Not everyone will agree with what you do or your philosophies – it doesnt make either of you wrong. Listen to what people want to share, form your on conclusions, and remind them that while they have a point (good or bad) you have decided X, Y, and Z, and you would appreciate it if those decisions were respected.

    And most important – Enjoy it all. They grow and change so fast. It is all an adventure. Laugh with them, cry with them. Love them with all your heart.

  42. Forgive yourself now for being human! No one can be the “perfect” wife, mother, housekeeper, employee, etc., etc., at the same time. Be the best wife one week, the best mom the next, or something like this, but give up now, the idea that you can do it all at once, and enjoy most the “fleeting” moments!

  43. Babies and their mommas are both individuals. If you have advice, seek the advice of people you trust. Chances are, they will give you their best advice…but it may not work perfectly for you and your baby…and that’s ok. That doesn’t mean you are failing or that they gave you bad advice. Be patient with yourself and your baby. Neither of you have to be “the first” to accomplish something. Trust yourself and keep God in the equation.

  44. Always remember that tomorrow is a new day. Do the best you can with today knowing you can start over with your schedule, your attitude (and theirs), the house, the cooking, etc. in the morning. Don’t mess up tomorrow before it gets here. Embrace it.

  45. Love your husband. Keep your marriage strong. A strong marriage is the best gift you can give your children.

  46. Remember that all children do not develop at the same rate! Just because two children are the same age does not mean that one is behind if he or she is not developing at the same rate!! Kids don’t learn to walk and talk at specific ages. Remember that your child is unique and you are the only one that will know if he or she is right on track!

  47. Just follow your motherly instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, intervene! This applies to childcare, doctors, food choices, etc. Also, the toddler days go in waves. They will not always act like crazy spoiled brats…tomorrow they may be an Angel!

  48. Relax. Read and follow ‘the books’ if you want, but don’t stress if you don’t. You’re the momma and you’ll do an amazing job with your own baby.

  49. Chose your battles! I friend told me that when I was complaining about the way my elementary aged daughter wanted to dress. Now that my daughter’s all grown up, I really do regret the time I spent arguing with her about wardrobe. Let your child chose her outfit and save the arguement for the important stuff.

  50. After raising 4 wonderful children, all I can say is enjoy every phase of their lives, have the children take their naps it’s not only good for them but it gives you that special time for yourself. Create time for each of them they all have different interest and plans for their futures.

  51. Have a fun, memorable evening out, make sure the house is well-stocked with newborn diapers, and the pantry or freezer well-stocked with food.

  52. My great advice as a mom would be, just when you don’t think you have any patience left for your children, God gives you more opportunities to show him that you do. After all, our children our precious gifts from God, even when they spill milk on the floor for the 4th time that day or write with permanent marker on the walls or furniture!:)

  53. One of the things that I have really tried to focus on is enjoying my daughter in each step/phase of her life. Rather than focusing on what she needs to work on or practice, enjoy her exactly where she is (i.e. instead of correcting her pronunciation each time, smile inside and treasure the her toddler pronunciation of different words since I know I’ll miss that sweet little voice in the years to come).

  54. I’m not sure there is any one bit of advice that will help every new mom, which is why I think the best thing you can do for yourself, before and after your baby arrives, is to build yourself a support network. When you need advice, support, understanding, or that sanity-preserving time to yourself, it will come from the women close to you. If most of your personal friends don’t have both parenting experience AND respect for your parenting choices, it’s especially vital to find an active local birth network, breastfeeding support network, or other mom’s group that will support you, respect you, and encourage you to make your own informed decisions, rather than hijacking you with misinformation or simply not recognizing the intensity of this period in your life.

  55. A close friend gave me this advice when I was pregnant. She told me that I would be too busy to write in the baby book. She said to buy a calendar just for the baby. Each time the baby has a new milestone (ie. smiles, rolls over, says the first word, has a new tooth), jot it down in the calendar on the correct date. You can later transfer the information into the baby book at your leisure. But also keep the calendar to go through with your child when they are older.

  56. I guess the one thing I would tell new moms is “you will miss this.” So…soak up every minute, don’t worry about the house and enjoy your family. There is a quote I love that says something like, “To be a mother is to decide to forever let your heart walk around outside of your body.” It is so true!

  57. Choose your battles when they are toddlers. But remember they want rules as well. Do not…I repeat…do not as they get older do everything for them starting at age 3 or 4. With my first child I always redirected her when she wanted to do something she couldn’t. If it’s bad for her or someone around her tell her NO! There is so much info you need but trust me it will come naturally. The one thing I do is I let them express them selves and let them be who they are I don’t try to control them and If something spills I always say to them “Accidents happen” It’s not worth it. The time does fly so please try to enjoy them. My oldest is 11 now and oh how I wish I could just go back sometimes and hold her in my arms and sing to her again. Remember to Satisfy your soul…don’t forget about you

  58. I would say to not wish away any phase of your childs life….like terrible two’s etc…enjoy it and soak it in.

  59. Though most people mean well, the advice they give on raising children may not work for you. Trust yourself to know what is best for you and your growing family. As Baz Luhrman said, “Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia;
    dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal–wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts, and
    recycling it for more than it’s worth.”

  60. New Moms advice… hmmmm. Listen to the advice of others. Find a couple of people you trust and ask them when you are stumped.

  61. Read to your baby. Read to your toddler. Read to your school-ager. Read to them and teach them to use their imagination.

  62. Just when you think things couldn’t be more fun, you’ll notice the next stage will be better than the last and that the last stage went by WAY to fast!! Find humor in the things that cause you to stress…when you look back you’ll wonder why it caused so much stress in the first place.

  63. If you feel overwhelmed, seriously stressed and ungrateful for the first few months, know that it’s normal! I always found that it was about the 4th month that I started to get back into the groove of things and started feeling like myself again. Go easy on yourself and put the baby in the crib if you need a few minutes to decompress!

  64. I have to say don’t waste your money on cutesie clothes for newborns because they grow so fast, the kid will barely wear them (if at all!). And also, because they will just stain them up.

  65. My advice to a new mom would be to cherish each moment you have to hold your new baby (even when it is in the middle of the night). Babies grow entirely too fast and one day that baby won’t want to sit in your lap and snuggle. I know this sounds silly and simple, but when you are so tired you can’t hold your eyes open and you just want 10 minutes to yourself, just think of how quickly this baby will be out on his/her own. Don’t listen to anyone telling you that you are “spoiling” a child when you are showing your love.

  66. My advice would be to enjoy everyday with your baby. They grow up way too fast! Also to remember to take time for yourself and for you and your husband to still enjoy doing things together.

  67. Don’t say I can’t wait until he or she… or I can’t wait until he or she.. One day you will look back and realize that you have been focused on what they were supposed to do next instead of what they were doing right then. The baby years are the sweetest and once they are gone they are gone for good! Spend twice as much time with them and half as much money on them and they will be happier!

  68. I was given great advise when I had just started breastfeeding my oldest. Since it can be a very challanging time, just set little goals. Like, start off saying you’re just going to do it until your milk comes in. Then once you make it to that and feel like you can still do it, set another goal… I’m going to make it another week. I knew I could do it if I just set those little goals for myself!

  69. Breast Feeding: Don’t let anyone tell you that it is easy. It’s not at first. It hurts for the first couple of weeks, but it is worth every feeding. Just stay with it!
    When they are little, things seem really difficult. As they grow and change, things get easier. Soak in every moment you have with them.

  70. Relax!! Your baby will pick up on your moods. Don’t stress about every little thing and all babies are different. Get to know yours. And enjoy every moment. It does go so fast!!

  71. My advice is to not worry about what every other mother out there thinks… advice is great, and does help, but there are also the mothers who thinks that their way is best and that can be hard for new moms trying to live up to others’ expectations or experiences. So my advice is to go with your gut and take things day by day and nothing is going to perfect, in fact it will go just the opposite! It’s ok to ignore others’ advice because every child is different and has different needs! Just enjoy every minute of it. 🙂

  72. Layer sheets and diaper pads in the crib. Then when the babies diaper leaks or she spits up take off one layer and you already have another one ready. You’ll be glad in the middle of the night.

  73. To be grateful for each day and tell your kid(s) that you love them with a big hug!

  74. My advice would be:

    Take time to stop and smell the roses with your kiddos! They grew so very fast and time cannot be turned back. Turn the TV off and listen to them practice their musical instrument, get off the computer and play that board game they’ve been asking you to play with them, let them teach you something they’ve learned. Be a kid with them, except when you have to be the adult. Enjoy your children and the privledge of being their parent. Never take them for granted.

  75. Be patient, and cherish every second, because they are gonna growup fast!

  76. You don’t have to do everything perfect. Your baby won’t care as long as they know you love the.

  77. Stock up on granny panties and stool softner (approved by your doctor) before the baby gets here – you will be thankful afterwards and your husband will be thankful he doesn’t have to go to the store to buy them (as my husband had to).
    Also – be grateful for each day you have with your child – tantrums and all!

  78. They’re not breakable. Germs and dirt are okay. Kids are resilient… so you should be too.

  79. Whatever you say in the middle of the night doesn’t count. Sleep deprivation can make you say some pretty silly/crazy/rude things to your spouse. 🙂

  80. enjoy every minute with them. Put them first because soon enough they will grow up and be gone.. snuggle as much as possable when they are small enough to let you

  81. It’s okay to sleep when the baby is sleeping. Don’t wirry about your house. Let others help if they want to. Enjoy your time. It goes be way to fast.

  82. When making up a crib, layer several crib sheets with waterproof pads, then when you need to change the sheet at 3 am, you can just rip off the top layer and waterproof pad and have a clean sheet underneath. 3 am crib sheet changes don’t have to be the same as wrestling with an angry cat.

  83. My advice would be two-fold. One sometimes you just have to laugh. With the stress of being a new mom and getting very little sleep make sure you take some time to laugh. Whether it’s watching a funny show or calling a girlfriend over to chat. Number two and I’m sure they will hear it from everyone but you really should sleep when the baby sleeps. Even if it’s 4pm and hubby will be home soon, take the nap. You will feel better and be able to take better care of yourself and your family.

  84. My advice is, don’t listen to anyone else’s advice! Really, it’s overwhelming and no two situations are alike. Go with the flow and you will figure out what works best for your family! Enjoy every single day, even the frustrating ones…I can’t remember where all the time went!

  85. I would say to journal everything! You think you will never forget special moments, but sleep deprivation will set in and you will forget! 🙂 write and record everything!!!

  86. Wow what great advice I am reading! Here is my advice. I had an uneventful pregnancy and traumatic delivery as well as a pretty eventful first 2 years. Sooo…my advice is this: Find that one friend, therapist,doctor, etc that you can confide in whole heartedly. This would be a person that wont offer advice unless you ask for it, but also guide you when they can tell you are torn. This person will know the whole truth and nothing but the truth and be able to help you make a great decision. I often find that people give unwelcome advice because they dont know the WHOLE situation. 🙂

  87. As a mother of 2 sons and grandmother of 4 grandchildren, I would tell the mother to be to enjoy everyday with your child. Pay attention to the little things your child does and every mild stone because before you know it they will be teenagers and then married and then bringing little ones of their own home to see grandma and grandpa.

  88. Have fun and spend lots of time playing together. It is far more difficult to train a toddler to sleep with noise so start them early. Have lots of noise going while your infant sleeps – vacuum cleaner, tv, washing machine, radio, etc. He/she will adjust to sleeping with noise.

  89. Realize that everything does not have to be perfect. Dont’ spend all your time stressing out about what other moms are doing and how they are doing it.

  90. I would tell a future mom to be….you can’t do it all and you will never be perfect…It will be stressful at times but at some point in every day your child will do something so amazing that it suddenly is all worth it!

  91. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Also, don’t compare your baby to others. You will end up thinking your baby is behind. All babies progress at different rates.

  92. Wake Up Early. Love being a Parent. Dedicate yourself to being the Best parent on the planet. Be Grateful and Thank the Lord for each and every day you have with your child. Have an Attitude of Gratitude!

  93. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. It is a learning experience for both you and baby. If you are calm, your baby will be calm. You will laugh, cry and be exhausted. At the end of the day, that baby loves you more than anything!Showered or not, beds made or not and dinner on the table or not. You will be changed forever by the love you will have for that baby!

  94. Sleep when you can, don’t worry about the house, enjoy baby time, nurse, trust your instincts, and don’t listen to everyone’s advice. Do what works for you!

  95. Be sure and take lots of photos, and just as many of the youngest child as of the oldest.

  96. Hold your newborn as much as possible. They grow up so fast and spoiling your new bundle is a MUST! Rocking is key to bonding with your baby!

  97. Keep your priorities straight! If you are a Christian, your relationship with God is number 1. Then, your relationship with your spouse is second (happy marriages make happy children). Your children come third. Your friends and other family come next. Finally, your job, the housework, etc. come in last. Stress happens most when our priorities are out of line, and stress will keep you from enjoying your babies!

  98. Have fun! Play with your kids and enjoy them! Housework, laundry can wait–do it when you can, but spend some quality time with your kids every single day.

  99. I would tell mom’s to be that to hug on your kids all the time and as they get older continue to hug them. I am also really goofy and act like that even with his friends around. Just live life!

  100. Enjoy the little things, I have a 3 year old (who is still sleeping) but when she wakes she just wants my attention; she doesn’t have to go somewhere and do something or have things bought for her everyday, she just wants to play- maybe the beds might not be made perfectly or the floors not clean enough to eat off of, the dust viewable on some surfaces but you’ll never get THIS day back so enjoy it! Spend time with your kids.

  101. As a mother of four, my advice to a new mom would be to nap when the baby does. Don’t worry about cleaning house or working out, there’s plenty of time for that later. Also, take lots of pictures and enjoy that new little one because they don’t stay little for very long. If you can make it through the first three months, life will improve in the sleeping and emotional department! Remember…nap, snap, and enjoy.

  102. Trust your gut. It is so easy for others to be critical of new moms because they think “their” way is the right way. You know your baby best so just take it all with a grain of salt! Spoil them and enjoy every second. They grow up so fast! Take lots of pictures and jot down everything that you can! If you get stressed out, take a breather!

  103. My advice would be to trust your instinct and not stress out too much that you are doing something wrong. Usually your instinct is right. With the 2nd child you are more relaxed and you realize that you actually can raise a chlid and be a capable mom! Nobody is perfect but if you love your children, they will turn out just fine. 🙂

  104. Take lots of pictures, and enjoy every second, even the hard times, before you know it they are grown.

  105. Enjoy every moment with your child/children. Good or bad because it goes by so quickly! Don’t be afraid to take them places, get out and enjoy. Another thing is consistency. Children love having routines and boundaries. Then they know what to expect and what is expected of them.

  106. “Babies Don’t Keep”
    Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow.. for babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow…so quiet down cobwebs…dust go to sleep….I’m rcking my baby and babies don’t keep!!
    (taken from a candle I got on the birth of my first child!!)

  107. Have faith and trust God, he wouldn’t have given you the best blessing of all if he didn’t think you were ready. Be ready to listen to all the advice people are throwing out to you, they are trying to share their stories and save you some frustrations. You will still have times when things are overwhelming, talk to someone or take the baby for a walk. It will be good for you both. And most importantly, it’s really okay to take “me time”, your baby and you will both be happier and healthier when you’ve had some time to just rest.

  108. Take time to play and love as much as possible. Love and Time are so much better than Things. Love and Time builds the relationship!

  109. If you are under time pressure, and something has to go, let it be the cleaning. Phyllis Dillard said that cleaning up after children was like trying to shovel a sidewalk during a blizzard.

  110. Interact with your kids as much as possible, they love mom and dad. Kids love to play chase soo go chase them. Its the little things with kids that count

  111. Relax and just take one day at a time, it goes by fast….take tons of pictures and be sure to writed down every cue and first…sleep when they sleep and cuddle when they are awake, the housework can always wait, 18 yrs goes by a lot faster than you think

  112. Always hold on to perspective. Things can change in an instant so don’t get too wrapped up in “things” that when you keep them in perspective, don’t really hold the weight you might be giving them!


  113. Babies don’t come with instructions, follow your heart and instincts, spend quality time and get to know your baby. Always with love 🙂

  114. I have 2 children and I also work with children of all different ages. One of the most important things you can do is PLAY with them. It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach them and make lifetime memories with them.

  115. I would tell the new mom-to-be not to go overboard on buying baby items. If you come from a big family or have a lot of friends, chances are you’re going to end up with more than you’ll even need, and that way you won’t be out the extra money!

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