A day at Farmland Adventures with the Wallace boys in 2021

Enjoy this photo tour of Farmland Adventures in Fall 2021! The Wallace boys (sons of April Wallace, our Early Childhood Editor) show us how to squeeze all the fun out of fall. For more info about Farmland Adventures and more fun fall activities in Northwest Arkansas, check out the 2021 Fall Fun Guide by clicking here.

This was our family’s third year to visit Farmland Adventures and this time our boys highly anticipated their return. They were counting down the sleeps until they could be let loose to run, climb, play, see animals and most importantly find THE pumpkin of the year.
Henry and Elliott thoroughly enjoyed the areas that allowed them to pet farm animals, such as the rabbits and piglets. You can purchase feed at the entrance of Farmland or even closer to the petting area. They love to just walk past each fence and say hi to the horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, cows and others.
Pony rides are a must here! Elliott enjoyed his turn so much that he requested another. We always expect a little bit of a wait in line for this popular attraction, but I don’t think it went over 10 minutes.
It’s hard to say what my boys love most about the hayride. Is it that they’re getting pulled by a tractor? Riding through the farm in the open air? Feeding the cows expired tortillas? Maybe that they sneak a bite of the tortillas when I’m not looking? Yes to all of the above. We hear about the hayride all year long.
Elliott’s favorite feature this year was a tractor tire playground. One area was made of a mountainous stack of these mammoth tires, while a line of other tires were stuck in the ground. They were painted pretty, bright colors and excellent for practicing his new balancing skills and budding coordination.
My 4-year-old’s favorite activity was this large spider-web net that he spent much of the afternoon climbing around on. It was easy to make friends with other wanna-be-spidermen and pass the time in their imaginary adventures.
Next to the pedal go-kart track is a toddler rodeo-like arena with fake ponies and farm animals. They were just the perfect size for my 2.5-year-old and totally made his day.
I’m convinced that if Farmland consisted of only this haybale mountain with multiple slides, it would still be worth the price of admission. Henry and Elliott were unconcerned about seeing any of the other attractions during the long stretch that they were on it and actually had to be convinced that there was more to see and do.
You can convince your kids to get only a pumpkin of a size that they can carry, but chances are you’re going to need a wheelbarrow to cart the family’s load of pumpkins to the car anyway.
This year Farmland Adventures added market vendors, some of which sell jewelry, and they also now sell their own farm-raised beef and firewood. Their birthday party areas have been upgraded, some new animals have made it into the petting farm and concessions have expanded to include a second food truck.