5 Minutes With a Mom: Britney Schrag

britneyhalloweenfamily.jpgName: Britney Yvonne Schrag

Your daughter’s name and age? Mia Bella Schrag (She turned 3 on February 28th!)

Tell us about work: I was a Head Start teacher for 5 years… It is an amazing program that goes beyond the education of the enrolled child, to helping the entire family learn how to become successful as a whole… Most people just assume it is a preschool or childcare, but there is a lot more to it.

Right now I am super part-time at the Fayetteville Athletic Club’s Kid’s Fit Fun Factory. You will usually see me with a little one on my hip or playing in the nursery. And the best part is my toddler is right there with me! It is a really fun childcare facility with a huge gym, toy area, and a giant maze-tunnel-slide area. The maze is Bella’s favorite!

OK, tell us about this picture: My husband, Brad, was a ladybug, Bella a garden fairy, and I was a flower. That’s what happens when a toddler picks the costumes πŸ™‚

Where were you born and raised? Born-Santa Cruz, CA… Raised-Mostly in the Hot Springs, AR area…. I went to Lake Hamilton Schools.

Last song you sang along with? Good Good End, by Waterdeep

Favorite vacation location? During my first trimester with Bella, my husband and I took a driving & camping trip up to Detroit (camped outside Detroit-SCARY) then went over to Toronto, Canada, and to Niagra Falls. I’m always hesitant to go to touristy places because most are all hype…. Not so with Niagra, everyone should go to Niagra Falls, it is beyond words and pictures. We had the best Indian food ever, in Toronto. It is an amazing, clean, cultural town…..

Favorite restaurant in NWA? We love to eat out and there are a ton of great restaurants in NWA…. Pizza-Damgoode Pies,Β  Italian-Pesto Cafe, American-Marketplace, Greek-Kosmos…. Breakfast-Chicken Biscuit from Chick-fil-a…

Favorite chick flick? “UP!”…. There were some tears during that movie…..

Is there a character on a television show that reminds you of yourself? “Red” from Fraggle Rock πŸ˜€

What’s something that makes you cringe? Seeing people with mental illnesses not getting the help they need from the health care system and families/friends not know how to help….and snakes…. and snot…..

Where did you first lay eyes on your husband? Our first year at the University of Kansas. He walked into our English class with shorts on. It was below freezing and snowing outside!

Was it love at first sight? My eyes are opened to new things every day. That first day no…. but the first time I really saw HIM, yes it was love at first sight πŸ™‚

What are your favorite parenting moments? The Aha! moments…. both hers and mine πŸ™‚ She recently learned a trick for getting her jacket on the right way. She’s been performing for everyone we see. Like a little magician….

What’s your favorite way to get your daughter laughing again after a hard day? She is super ticklish… and loves to be startled…. Soo there are a great many ways to get her laughing.

What is a tradition you hope to pass on to your daughter? To show God’s love to people in everything she does…. and to eat the first black olive at Thanksgiving!

A meal you make over and over for her? Chicken Tortilla Soup…Here is the recipe!

Your most-loved hobbies? Anything Challenging and Creative…. In the past couple years, I’ve learned how to Silk Screen T-shirts, make paper, plant a garden, Scrapbook, Sew… And recently bake homemade breads and cakes from scratch!Β  There have been successes and failures in each project, but that is part of what I love!

Your idea of a relaxing day? A day and space where I can lay out all my materials for a big new challenging crafty/art project…. and just work on it with no other distractions, get lost in the project.

One word to sum me up … Feisty (with a heart full of love)


  1. kudos for finding a hubby who will wear a ladybug costume!!! Mine will only go for something that makes him look creepy or like he’s in a metal band. Prefers the two to be combined… πŸ™‚

  2. Yay for Niagra and Toronto. I was amazed to see the subways just as clean after 10 p.m. as they were at 10 a.m.

    And yes, my Ivy couldn’t stop talking about “Bella’s Daddy” wearing a ladybug costume for Halloween.

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