Mommy In Progress: Baby Weight

By Jacqueline Presley, first-time mama

My husband is a photographer and he wants to get into maternity portraits, so last night we used my friend Shelley and I as guinea pigs to try it out some. Here are some of the portraits from last night’s session:



My friend in the picture at the top has just 1 month left until her due date. I’ve got 15 weeks. Yet our bellies are really close to the same size. Is mine big or hers small???

We have started painting the nursery and I realize now that it’s really difficult to know how that paint shade is going to look until you actually have it up on the wall! The lighting makes all the difference, doesn’t it? I kept comparing my paint sample to the wall and it matched, but it just looked different on the wall. We decided to do vertical stripes alternating between flat and gloss paint. Stripes will go up Saturday.

Several of my friends are pregnant right now and we have decided to start a playgroup. This weekend we’ll have a brunch to have everyone meet and talk about how often we want to meet and what we want the group to be like. We’re already excited about taking our kids to the park, pooling our resources, reading books together, and sharing ideas and advice. I’m so thankful to have several ladies that will be stay-at-home moms that I can get together with. It’s nice to have people that are going through the same things and be able to share our experiences.

This is such a new season in my life. I know there is going to be a lot of changes and my life will really never be the same.