Mommy in Progress = Damsel in distress … sort of

By Jacqueline Presley, soon-to-be-a-mama blogger

Editor’s Note: We’ve had some concerned mamas asking about Jacqueline and have assured them that she’s just fine. For those of you who didn’t ask, but wondered, she just went a loooong time without electricity and a computer. So that’s why she’s just updating us today.

Well, we’ve been without power since Tuesday, 1/27. The electric company has repaired all the lines in our area, but our power line ripped away from the house. This type of repair requires an electrician. We have a call in to an electrician, but he hasn’t been able to get to it yet. For the first few days we went to my in-laws who were also without power, but had a fireplace. After two days of that, we decided to head for Ft. Smith to stay with my husband’s grandparents who had power. We stayed there until my in-laws had their power back on: Saturday, 1/31. We have been at my in-laws ever since. It’s been pretty crazy, but thankfully, I have some pretty fabulous in-laws and we get along great together and have actually had an enjoyable time.

Last week I got my blood glucose test for gestational diabetes and they also tested my iron level. No Gestational Diabetes! Yay! They did ask me to start taking iron supplements in addition to my pre-natals though. Low iron. Maybe that’s why I have been so tired!!

We started our birthing classes last Monday. We decided to take classes on the Bradley Method. This class teaches nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques for labor, and also education on the birthing process. Teresa Fedosky is our instructor. You may have seen her on an episode of the Duggar’s show, “17 and Counting” on TLC. She was teaching her class to Jim Bob and his wife.

I have already learned several exercises that will be helpful for me now and when I go through labor. I had been having some hip pain (which is all too familiar to those of you who have already had children!) and it seemed to be getting worse as I got further along. In class they taught us something called pelvic rocking.

This exercise is similar to the Cat-Cow stretch, but without arching your back. It’s an exercise that moves the baby forward out of the pelvis, and tones/conditions the lower back and abdominal muscles, relieves lower body pressure in general, eases tension and improves digestion. Yeah, it’s fabulous. Since I have started doing this before bed, I have slept so much better and not had nearly as much pain/soreness! I’m excited to see what we learn next Monday.


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