Doc Talk: Treatment options for IBS


I.B.S. When you put these three dreaded letters together, it spells a whole lot of trouble and discomfort for a whole lot of people. Those who do battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome know it can be tricky to thaker.jpgmanage it. So today we’re checking in with Dr. Kuntal Thaker, a gastroenterologist at Mercy Institute of Gastroenterology. In the video clip below, Dr. Thaker discusses several different elements involved in managing this disease, including the three different types of IBS, diet modification, avoidance of triggers, good and bad bacteria, probiotics as well asĀ  specific medications which may help.

For more information on this doctor, just click on his photo above to see a biographical video clip. Then click on the “play” arrow in the window below to see Dr. Thaker discuss treatment options for this common disease.

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