Website for kids, created by kids: Ponder Monster

ponder monster screen shotHey mamas, one of our nwaMotherlode writers has done something SO cool with her kids. They created their own website! And it’s really good. It’s called Ponder Monster and it’s full of things we think other kids would love to see, so we’re sharing a link with you today along with some info from Jen Adair, who helped her kids make Ponder Monster a reality. Here’s the story behind this awesome family project:

By Jen Adair, mother of the creators of,

Having kids is an adventure. Not in the “Indiana Jones” sort of way – in the “how-can-I-make-it-to-dinner-without-losing-my-mind” sort of way. I like adventure, danger, living on the edge, being pushed to my limits. I mean, I must. I homeschool my two kids. Picture me wearing a super hero cape while holding a glass of wine.

I am blessed, fortunately, with two smart kiddos who like to mess around with technology and learn how to do cool stuff. (It helps that I also force them to mess around with technology and learn cool stuff.) Our latest and greatest project is getting off to a good start and I’d like to ask you to help them out by taking a look and commenting, sharing, and liking their new website, Ponder Monster.

Ponder Monster is full of random facts, “how to” articles, videos, recipes, and even Minecraft tutorials. (Hey…whatever keeps them motivated, right?) They are learning about content creation, how to film and edit videos, website maintenance, analytics, and search engine optimization (SEO). It also keeps me sane because they’re focused on something other than annoying each other. So, that’s a bonus.

ponder monster screen shot2My daughter loves to make cookies and sweet stuff, so there are recipes like “Mini-hamburger Cookies” and “White Chocolate Dipped Oreos.” My son is all about Minecraft and is filming tutorials on that (I’m completely clueless) and he helps me come up with new ideas. He did a great infographic on bubble gum. It’s fascinating. A local eye clinic, Uptown Eyes, allowed us to make a video about children’s vision and what to expect when you visit the eye doctor.

Learning new things doesn’t always have to be a chore or seem stiff and “educational.” Learning really can be fun! Have your kids take a look at PonderMonster and see what they think! We’d love new ideas, article submissions from your kiddos, and feedback from you all. Thanks!

bubblegum infographic