Toy shopping? Here’s a list of the top toys of 2023

It’s already October! And that means the holidays are speeding toward us, and they’re not slowing down.

So if you’re like us and you haven’t started your gift shopping yet, here’s a BIG list we found on the HGTV website that features Walmart’s Top Toy List for 2023.

If you keep scrolling at this link, you’ll see lots of other toy recommendations, and we like how this “list of lists” includes kids of all ages and interests, including art, technology, math, creativity, outdoor toys and more.

One of the cool things that jumped out at us on this list is the Sphero Mini Golf Programmable Golf Ball. We also noticed that Furby makes a comeback on this list, and Lego has a set that lets you design your own bracelets. The Magnetic Foam Building Blocks look pretty cool, too — a fresh twist on a classic toy.

To see all the lists one after another and spark some gift ideas, click HERE to visit the site.