FREE Tickets & Tacos: Take your kiddo to see The Magic Tree House Musical!


If your kids are into Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House books, you’ll be into this giveaway! We’re giving away two tickets to attend Walton Arts Center’s Sunday, March 8, performance of Magic Tree House: The Musical at 5 p.m. So you don’t go hungry, we’re including a gift certificate to Jose’s Mexican restaurant just a few steps down from Walton Arts Center.

How to enter: Simply tell us your child’s favorite Magic Tree House book — or offer a great idea for one of Mary Pope Osborne’s future installments — by commenting on this post (or sending us an e-mail to That’s all it takes for your name to be entered into this magical giveaway!

About the show: Featuring more than a dozen original songs, Magic Tree House: The Musical takes Jack and Annie, the series’ popular brother/sister team, on their most thrilling adventure. Performance times are March 7 at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. and March 8 at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Tickets range from $16 – $28 and can be purchased by contacting the Walton Arts Center Box Office at 479-443-5600 or by visiting

Magic Tree House®: The Musical, written by Mary Pope Osborne and her husband Will Osborne, will transport one of Jack and Annie’s Merlin Missions onto the stage. To restore joy and magic to King Arthur’s kingdom, the brother and sister team must travel to Camelot’s dreaded Otherworld and return with water from the mythical Cauldron of Memory and Imagination. If they fail, Camelot will be lost and forgotten forever – and the Magic Tree House will be destroyed! Rising to each new challenge with courage, humor, and resourcefulness, Jack and Annie eventually discover that memory and imagination are gifts we can all use to fill our lives with magic.

Mary Pope Osborne, has written over eighty books for children and young adults, including novels, picture books, mysteries, biographies, and retellings of mythology and fairy tales. Many of her books have made the best books of the year lists and have received numerous honors, and her series has been published in more than 20 languages. The Magic Tree House books have sold more than 60 million copies worldwide and are recognized as one of the most popular children’s series of all time.

Magic Tree House Family Festival featuring Mary Pope Osborne:

Don’t miss getting your tickets to the Magic Tree House Family Festival on March 7 and 8. The Magic Tree House Family Festival is where you’ll journey into a fun-filled world to enjoy arts and crafts, live performances and a special reading and Q&A from Magic Tree House author, Mary Pope Osborne! Bring your new or gently used children’s books during the event, and books will be donated to local children’s organizations. Funds support Walton Arts Center’s arts learning programs. Tickets to this Family Festival are $10 per person for families of 1-3 and $7.50 per person for families of 4 or more.

For more information on this performance and/or the Family Festival, contact the Walton Arts Center’s Box Office by calling 479-443-5600 or visit

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  1. Vacation Under the Volcano, Viking Ships at Sunrise, and Hour of the Olympics are the ones I remember the most — oldest read them out loud on the way to school and back when she was in first grade! Then, we got audio books so the younger kids could listen to them in the van just last year. So much fun to be had!! I’d love to take the kiddos to see the musical!!

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