The frozen healthy lunches that actually taste good

Happy Monday, mamas! Many of us (raising my hand) are on a sometimes frustrating mission of losing some of the pandemic weight (stress-eating during the news?) and/or holiday weight we’ve managed to pick up during the past year or so. Some people don’t eat when they’re stressed, and some of us say, “Pass the queso, please.”

I took one look at the holiday snapshots that I was in this past year and thought, “Yep, gotta do something. It’s time.” (I’m trying the Noom app, and so far I like it.)

Of course, one of the biggest hurdles is to find foods you actually want to eat but that won’t totally wreck your mission to eat the right portions and also eat foods that have a reasonable amount of calories. I don’t always like to cook, especially at lunch when I’m busy, so I’m trying to stockpile a variety of frozen lunches that I like (for taste) but that also don’t gobble up all the calories I’ve budgeted for the day’s meals.

Of course, what one person thinks tastes good might be gross for someone else. You’ll have to try these for yourself and pass a verdict if it’s a keeper for you. But I looked at several different websites to find out which frozen health-conscious lunches also get high marks from customers for taste. Then I tried them myself. Pictured below are the 5 favorites I keep going back to on busy days or nights when I’m too tired to cook.

Hope these suggestions help you find some new favorites and accomplish whatever health mission you have for yourself.

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers: Chicken Margherita with Balsamic

Lean Cuisine: Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Schwan’s: Multigrain Orzo Quinoa and Vegetable Blend

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers: Grilled Chicken Marinara with Parmesan

Schwan’s: Mini Bow Tie Pasta and Vegetables