Snapshot Contest: The pics you LOVE

Since this month is all about love, today we’re launching a snapshot contest in which all the entries are made up of the pics you love the most. You know the ones… the shots that turn you into a puddle of mama butter every time you see them. No matter when it was taken — 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago — it still just hits you right in the heart.

So share some of your favorite-of-all-time shots… the ones you keep in the favorites folder on your smartphone, the ones you can’t get enough of. Just make sure they are snapshots and not professional photos by a photographer (which are copyrighted).

HOW TO ENTER: Get some of your favorite shots submitted for the Most-Loved Snapshot Contest! Just send up to 5 photos (per month) to Our judges will select a winner at the end of April. The mom who submits the winning snapshot will win a 16×20 gallery-wrapped canvas prepared by our friends at Scott Frame and Art.

To kick things off, here are a few of our most-loved snapshots of our kids over the years.

He wore these green rainboots EVERYWHERE, rain or shine.
Two of my favorite “babies” in one snapshot…
Just a boy and his basketball…