Kids of Northwest Arkansas: 2020 Summer Snapshots

It’s time to show off a few more of our favorite snapshots that have arrived in the Motherlode inbox lately. Don’t forget you can still get in on the Summer Snapshot Contest!

HOW TO ENTER: Get some of your favorite shots submitted for the Summer Snapshot Contest! Just send up to 5 photos per month to Our judges will select a winner at the end of August. The mom who submits the winning snapshot will win a 16×20 gallery-wrapped canvas prepared by our friends at Scott Frame and Art.

Here are some of the latest snapshots!

There’s not enough space here to list all the things we love about this shot — the laughing, the huge smiles, the hair fanning out against the trampoline. This is one of those “jump for joy” pictures to treasure forever.
Looks pretty presidential, if you ask us. He’s got this mama’s vote!
Great view, cool water, awesome dog… this is what summer is all about.
Just soakin’ up the sunset with my sister…