Show us your happy pets!

Mamas, we know there are plenty of us who aren’t thrilled about having to stay home for the past month or so. havanese puppy white backgroundBut most of us have noticed that the four-legged members of the family are not upset at all.

In fact, our fur babies are LOVING the fact that their favorite humans are around almost all the time lately. And we’re grateful for them because pets help lower stress, too!

Another silver lining of all this time at home is how much it has helpedĀ stray pets get fostered and adopted at shelters and rescue organizations all over the country.

So we’d like to see a few photos of your fur babies feeling happy and content! We’re betting you already have a few favorite pics on your phone of the dog, cat, bird, hamster, etc. If the photo includes you or one of your happy kids or spouse, then BONUS! We wanna see them!

Send photos to and we’ll feature as many as possible here on

Can’t wait to see some cute, furry faces!

Just to kick things off, here are a few of our fur babies (Cooper the Corgi, Freckles the Sheltie mix, and Charlie the sleepy Beagle mix) living the good life lately: