Preparing for the worst: Do you have a will?

willimages.jpgUgh. Will. That word just makes me cringe as I think about the times my husband and I have had this BIG conversation about who would “get” our kid if the unthinkable should happen and we head off to our heavenly reward at the same time.

The guilt ramped up again recently when the Today Show ran a piece called “Preparing for the Worst”. Financial editor Jean Chatzky was there bobbing her bobbed hair about the importance of writing a will.

“It’s hard to take yourself out of the picture,” said Today’s Lester Holt. “We think of the will as simply dividing up your money. It’s more to it than that.”

Jean agreed, noting that the “more” is settling on a guardian for your children.

“A will is the only document that will allow you to name guardians for minor children. Unfortunately, the fact that you have to pick your brother over her sister is what keeps people from writing a will in the first place,” she said.


In case you missed the segment, click HERE to see it. Oh, and pick a guardian. I’m giving myself a deadline. Am I the only one with this problem?


  1. We have talked about this often. Picking a guardian is so hard. I don’t know what to do. My parents are older, and so are my siblings, so they are busy with grandkids already. My husband’s parents are just now getting the last of their own kids out of the house. I guess I’ve taken the Scarlett O’Hara approach and choose to think about it tomorrow! But I know I really need to just face it and get it done!

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