Outings under $20: Sidewalk Sundays at the Walmart Museum

Outings under $20 in NWA, 650

Have you been enjoying your summer so far? If you’re looking for some ideas for outings that won’t cost a bundle, we’ve got ya covered with our Outings under $20 ideas.

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Today’s suggestion is to check out one (or all!) of the free Sidewalk Sundays events coming up at The Walmart Museum in Bentonville. Before or after your visit, try the old-fashioned soda fountain attached to the museum called The Spark Cafe. The prices are reasonable and they have all kinds of ice cream and pie. YUM.

Here’s a list of the upcoming drop-in Sidewalk Sundays events, which are free and all happen between 2 and 5 p.m.:

Sidewalk Sundays, new logoSunday, July 12: “Celebrate Mad Science!” Kids of all ages can become mad scientists with Bentonville Public Library with an afternoon full of actives including: a chromatography butterfly craft, uncovering rainbow paper, mad scientist hats, and Drop! Splat! Art!

Sunday, July 19: Hang out with your favorite princess and superhero with Once Upon a Party.

Sunday, July 26: Musical performances and education with School of Rock!

Sunday, August 2: Learn about wild animals with Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Roar!

Sunday, August 9: Train Your Brain! Bentonville Public Library will get your brain back in shape for a new school year with engaging memory activities, crafts and games!

Sunday, August 16: Sports Day with the Arkansas Blazers, Perfect Timing, and The Jones Center Hockey Team.

Sunday, August 23: Community Creative Center returns for more pottery making!

Sunday, August 30: School of Rock closes out the season with another rocking performance!

Enjoy your Outing, mamas!