Mamas on Magic 107.9: Summer Brain Drain

When the summer days get really hot, it’s easy for kids to turn into “screen zombies” — sitting for long stretches of time watching TV or playing video games or zombie redsmartphone apps. And all that screen time can also contribute to what experts call “brain drain” or “summer slide,” which is when kids actually forget some of what they learned during the previous school year (up to two months’ worth of reading and math skills! Yikes!)

Recently on our Mamas on Magic 107.9 radio segment, we talked about different ways to prevent Brain Drain and keep the kids entertained but also mentally active this summer. (We do NOT think summer should feel like a continuation of the school year. Kids need a break! But we believe there IS a happy medium somewhere between school work and screen zombie.)

Click the audio play arrows below to hear some ideas on how to balance fun, downtime with things that keep the kids’ minds sharp over the summer. And listen to Mamas on Magic 107.9 live by tuning in at 7:45 a.m. each weekday.

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