Military Mama: We’re off to see the Wizard…

By Jade Stone

I have to say, after the news of Osama’s death hit the airwaves last week, I have had this overwhelming and undeniable urge to sing the age old song from the Wizard of Oz “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”!

I really can’t tell you what sort joy that news brings my heart-not because I truly celebrate the death of another human being, but rather what it could signify for military families everywhere, us included.

I personally struggle with the idea that people everywhere are truly jubilant over the actual killing of Osama. No matter how horrible a person he was (and he was horrible), it seems a bit hypocritical of us to condemn an individual for killing others and then turn around and celebrate killing him. I can’t say that makes us any better to celebrate in his death, but that’s an opinion for another column all together. It really does signify the end of an era and the beginning of a new dawn in which we might be able to find some sense of closure in this war, before going off to fight another.  Now that is something to celebrate.

However, as much as we all want this to truly be “the end” there is still plenty of unfinished business over there to keep us busy in the Middle East. I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me to say “you must be thrilled, I bet your husband won’t have to go after all!”…if only it were that simply. Truthfully, nothing has changed to date in terms of his upcoming departure.

We know Osama’s death does mean something; we just aren’t sure what yet. In fact, we may not know for several more months. As it stands, Jay’s unit is slated to begin training in June and actually leave the country shortly after but as to where, the government is being tight-lipped about. Certainly, if we did know, I could not report it here but I would at least be able to say “I at least know where and when” which would be enough for me.  The uncertainty of it all leads me only to guess where he might end up, even though I know better that to even begin to speculate on what the Government’s next move is…after all, who knows why they do anything sometimes!

So for now, we can do nothing but wait for his orders and follow the yellow brick road in hopes of finding that illusive Wizard who might be able to give us some answers! It is tornado season and all so who knows, maybe we will catch a strong wind that might get us there a little more quickly…now if only I could get some ruby slippers out of the deal, I’d be set!

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