Meet Shannon

ShannonMy heart belongs to a sweet (and salty) 7-year-old daughter I call Ladybug. I’m a former reporter for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, (Northwest Edition) but have been a freelance writer for quite a few years now.

Gwen Rockwood and I launched in May 2008. In doing so, we combined three of our passions: motherhood, writing and the Internet. We wanted to create a website just for Northwest Arkansas moms that we would want to visit every day.

As a newspaper reporter, I covered a broad range of topics at papers across Arkansas including crime, courts, business and education.

While I’m not working or having adventures with my daughter and/or my husband, I love to read novels and psychology books, sing old church songs and 80s music and take walks with my black standard poodle and ice blue iPod. I live far enough away from family that I rely on neighbors, friends and virtual community to help me navigate motherhood and life.

You can read more about Shannon’s family adventures on her Motherlode blog “Life With Ladybug.” E-mail Shannon by clicking here.