Mealtime Mama: Make it a party with Beer Brats & Sauerkraut

Recipe for beer brats and sauerkraut!

My former neighbors Don and Christie Rollins (and their sweet son, Zach) once invited us all over for a cookout where we had some fabulous beer brats and sauerkraut that promptly made Don famous in our neck of the woods.

I asked if he would share his secret recipe with Motherlode readers and he graciously agreed. This recipe is great for fall football get-togethers.

Don Rollins’ Famous Beer Brats & Sauerkraut


sauerkraut1 package Johnsonville beer brats

6 pack of Old Stag beer

1 can of krispy sauerkraut (your choice of brand and size)

hickory chips for grill (optional)


Prepare a large pot with 3-6 beers (depending on how many brats) POURED into pot. Place brats into pot with beer and bring to a boil. Once boiling, boil for 30 mins.

While boiling, place sauerkraut in another pan and cook on low heat. After brats boil for 30 mins, remove the brats from pot. Now place the sauerkraut in the same pot with the leftover beer stock from brats (you may need to pour out some of the stock so sauerkraut isn’t soupy) and continue to cook on medium heat.

Next, place brats on medium heat hickory smokey grill (smokey is optional) and turn frequently until browned. If brats cause a flame up, use a beer to spray down the fire. After browning, place brats back into pot with sauerkraut and beer and serve.

Happy eating 🙂