Mealtime Mama: Shrimp & Spanish Rice Bowl

Shrimp & Spanish Rice Bowl 2

We love this recipe from Helen, the owner of MyBrother’s Salsa.

We will eat a Shrimp and Spanish rice bowl any day of the week! If you’re craving something a little “different”, try this one soon. Thanks to our Mealtime Mama sponsor for spicing up our menu this week.

Shrimp & Spanish Rice Bowl

Shrimp Ingredients:

Mealtime Mama, My Brother's Salsa24 oz. frozen shrimp (peel off, tail on/ med-large)

2 sticks butter, softened

1 cup My Brother’s Original Salsa

2 Tablespoons. Tony Chachere’s seasoning

2 Tablespoons fresh Lime Juice

½ tsp black pepper

2-3 sprigs fresh Rosemary

Garnish:  fresh jalapeno slices

Crusty style bread or cornbread for serving

Spanish Rice ingredients:

2 cups rice

2 cups water

One 16oz. jar My Brother’s Black Bean & Corn Salsa

salt to taste

To prepare shrimp:

Soften butter, blend My Brother’s Original Salsa, spices and lime juice into butter.  Thaw shrimp under running water or in fridge. Pat dry with paper towels.  Preheat oven to 350.  Place shrimp in large baking pan.  Spoon butter mixture over top and add Rosemary sprigs on top.  Place in oven uncovered.  Bake approx. 30 min. or until shrimp “pinks up”. Stir occasionally.

To prepare Spanish Rice:

Place ingredients into sauce pan, bring to boil, lower heat, cover.  Cook approx. 15-20 min. Remove from heat, season with salt.

To serve:

Spoon Spanish rice into bowls, top with cooked shrimp, then use pan drippings as “sauce” over the shrimp and rice.  Garnish with fresh jalapeno slices and Tony Chachere’s seasoning.  Serve with hot crusty bread or cornbread.

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