Mamas on Magic 107.9: At what age should kids be on Facebook?

This morning at 7:45 a.m. during the Mamas on Magic segment on Magic 107.9, we talked about when kids should be allowed to get their own Facebook account.

The official age (which is 13) is spelled out by Facebook’s rules, but we all know plenty of kids who have started earlier than that. Whether or not that’s a wise move is a topic up for debate. We’d love to hear your opinion so click on “leave a comment” below.

Here’s our take on kids and Facebook. Just click the blue bar below to hear today’s segment.

Consider this before your kid gets on Facebook. Mamas on Magic 107.9, Oct. 9, 2012

For more helpful info on tweens and teens using Facebook, click the link below.

How to protect your kids on Facebook, from the Washington Post website