Mamas on Magic 107.9: Candy, candy everywhere!

Good morning, mamas! We hope you had a great Halloween.

This week we’ve been talking about things that scare moms most in our Mamas on Magic 107.9 segment. Today our 90-second chat was about something that scares the pants off us. Actually, those pants might not fit again if we don’t get.rid.of.the.candy.

Yes, we’re scared of all that Halloween candy in the house. Like a moth to a flame, we keep going back to the candy dish to get “just one more” fun-size Twix bar or caramel.

Today we shared a few ideas for how to banish the sweetness.

Remember, we’re at Magic every weekday morning and we’d love for you to listen at 7:45 a.m.!

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Too Much Candy in the House!! Nov. 1, 2012

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