Looking for something? We’ve updated our Moms’ Business Directory!

biz directory mastheadA few years after we launched nwaMotherlode.com, we started to get lots of emails from moms who were on the hunt for a certain kind of business. Some of the moms were new to the area and learning their way around. Some had been here forever but were new to motherhood. All of them wanted to find out about solid, mom-friendly companies that could help them out with what they needed — everything from bakeries to veterinarians.

We answered all these emails with our best recommendations, and then we decided that the best way to help out would be to put together a searchable database so moms would have an easy way to find local companies, organized by category. The result? The Moms’ Business Directory.

We know you’ve seen directories before. What makes this one different is that we include ALL of the local businesses we can find in each category, and we give you their name, address and phone number so it’s easy for mamabizdirectoryyou to contact them. (Many directories won’t include info about a company unless they pay for it.) But we wanted local moms to have as much info as possible, regardless of the company’s ability to pay.

You’ll notice that some of the listings in the directory have more info than others. (For example, some listings include reviews by local parents. They’ll also give you a short description of what that company offers as well as a link to the company website.) Companies who want you to have as much info as possible pay a little extra for these expanded or premium listings. (If you own or manage one of the companies in our directory and want to make your listing more comprehensive and “clickable,” just email us and we’ll give you info on how to do it.)

Below is a screen shot of one of the pages in the Moms’ Business Directory. Remember you can always find a quick link to the directory on the top-right corner of our homepage. Just click it and then begin a search by category and/or city. It’s easy to use and it’s completely mobile-friendly.

NOTE: We’ve spent the past several months updating the Moms’ Business Directory to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible. We’ve added new businesses, deleted closed ones and changed addresses for companies that have moved recently. As you can imagine, keeping a database of this size updated is an ongoing challenge, so if you see something that needs to be revised, we’d love it if you’d shoot us an email to let us know. If there’s a category that you’d like us to add, send us a note about that, too.

We hope you’ll love the new and improved Moms’ Business Directory and use it often to get connected to local companies. (Tell new moms about it, too!) Check it out by clicking HERE and let us know what you think!!

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