Listen To This: Audio tools to manage anxiety, pain and more

Mamas, I’m losing count of how many times I’ve recommended this audio tool to friends and family. And then it hit me today that I hadn’t posted a link to it on nwaMotherlode! What was I thinking (or not thinking)?

This is such an amazing tool for ANYONE who is anxious, nervous, sick, nauseous, sleepless, or dealing with any kind of pain or upcoming medical procedure. It’s a FREE service developed by Stanford Children’s Health, and it’s called ImaginAction.

I found out about this website from a pediatric neurologist and psychologist who was helping my daughter (and our whole family) through a really scary medical situation. (We’re all good now, thankfully.)

But even though it has been three years since the doctor told us about it, we are still using this tool for all kinds of situations. I keep a shortcut to this site on my iPhone home screen because it’s that good. It has been featured in CBS News, The Washington Post, NBC News, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

I recommend listening to this using over-ear headphones because they help block out the world so you can focus. But earbuds will certainly work, too. (The website looks like a kids’ site, but adults and teens use and love these tools, too.) I use it when I’m stressed, and it’s great to use before big events (like a job interview, doctor’s appointment, medical treatment, etc.) Each audio file is around 10 minutes or so. Here’s a list of the free audio tools available.

Click HERE for free access to all of the audio tools listed above.