Links to dorm packing lists for college move-in

Happy Monday, Northwest Arkansas mamas! Shannon and I both have kids in college these days, and they’ll be on campus again soon.

My oldest son will begin his junior year of college soon, and my middle son is about to start his freshman year at a school several states away in just a few weeks. So we’re in the throes of some serious packing at our house.

We are big believers in lists, mostly because it’s a great way to reassure yourself that you’re not forgetting anything too important. If it’s on a list — either on paper or on your phone — you don’t have to attempt to remember it all, which is impossible.

I like keeping a packing list on my phone so I can digitally checkmark things as they go into the bag or moving box. I’ve scoured several different websites to get ideas for what to pack. Here are a few of the links I’ve used. Hope they’re helpful to you, too!

Complete Packing List for College Girls and Guys (from

Off-to-College Checklist (from

Ultimate College Packing List (from