Tweens & Teens: Dealing with Senioritis?

Mamas, I’ve seen this “illness” play out three times now. It’s “senioritis,” when your kid gets so sick of high school because graduation is right around the corner, and he or she is SO over it. They just want to be done already.

It’s hard for the kids, and it’s hard for their parents and teachers. We get it. It has been a LONG journey through school, and these last few miles of the trip seem to be taking forever.

So if your teenager has been suffering from a chronic case of senioritis lately, here’s a link to one of the best articles I’ve found on this topic. Written by Ned Johnson, it appeared in The New York Times in 2019 and has some of the best advice parents and teens should take to heart.

Click HERE to read “How To Cure The New Senioritis: Make Yourself Your Senior Project.” If you don’t have a subscription to The New York Times, don’t worry. The paper allows you to read a certain number of articles for free each month, and this one is definitely worth it.

Hang in there, mamas. Graduation is coming soon. 🙂