Life with Ladybug: 50 Shades of Gray

By Shannon Magsam, Ladybug’s mama and co-founder of

My mom has owned a beauty shop for as long as I can remember, so my hair has been many different shades. I’ve played around with browns and reds and even a short foray into blonde (not my best look).

But my current shade wasn’t mixed up at any hair salon. It’s au naturale, y’all.

At my hair appointment yesterday, my colorist confirmed it: I’m 90 percent gray. To drive home the point, she said, “If you let it go, it would be salt and pepper. Mostly salt.”

Thank you for that clarification, hair lady who’s way younger than me.

Speaking of young, I’m not old enough to be almost completely gray. So I’m not just going to lie down and join AARP. I’ll fight it with every strand of jet black hair I’ve got left (and all those fake black hairs, too).

I guess you could say I’m just not ready to go back to my roots.

 We all know people who’ve decided to embrace their steel-colored locks and they actually look good. However, my gray hairs are a dull, lifeless color.

A few years ago I decided to go back to black. And people started complimenting me. They couldn’t pinpoint what they were noticing, exactly, but something.

“Have you lost weight? Something’s different.”

One woman that I had not seen in a while told me at a conference: “You look … better.”

Um, thank you. I think?

So no, I’m not ready to strip down to nothing and share my boingy grays with the world.

I have a new question for my colorist, though: Can you color eyebrows?

Oh, and when I was at the salon, I also asked my stylist for a shorter ‘do. For some unknown reason, I feel compelled to grow my hair out in the summer and chop it all off in the winter. Exhibit A:

Shannon's short hair, cropped

Y’all be safe out there today. I just walked outside and slipped on an icy water hose, so I know it’s slick! 🙂 And that I’m clumsy.