Color for a Cause! ONF selling coloring books to assist local lunch program

The next time you stop by Ozark Natural Foods, grab a copy of the new Co-op Kids coloring book for $5.

The coloring book features tons of healthy and fun foods (along with an activity page) and, best of all, proceeds will benefit the Fayetteville Public School lunch program. The goal is to help them purchase healthier and better foods.

The book can be found in aisle 4, next to the baby foods.

The most important thing about this book is that 100% of that $5 goes directly to the Fayetteville Public School Lunch Program. ONF is especially invested in this cause because of the significance of feeding children healthy foods as early as possible.

Marketing director Alexa McGriff said: “For most parents, children are the most important thing in life. You would do anything for them, even at the expense of a luxury for yourself. You clothe them, feed them, teach them right from wrong, and do whatever you can to protect them. Our children are not only important because they are our seed – they are important because they are the future. The young people in the world will one day run the world. They will make the decisions, start and stop wars, run governments, and more.

This means that it is extremely important for our children to be taught about and given healthy foods. I would guess that most of you make sure your children’s diets are as healthy as possible when they are at home, but what about during the school year? What are your kids eating in the cafeteria every day? If your child eats breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, then almost 50% of their meals for the entire week are eaten at school. But you have no control over what the schools are feeding your children. Or do you?”

Alexa said right now, the USDA gives the Fayetteville Public Schools around $1.10 for each student’s lunch, and $0.70 for each breakfast. That number is extremely low. So even though Fayetteville Public Schools’ Child Nutrition Director, Adam Simmons, wants to work with local farmers to get healthy, fresh produce into the schools, he doesn’t have the money to do so. Most local farmers need the money up front for the entire year, and he can’t give that to them because the budget won’t allow it. It is a vicious cycle.

To help solve the problem, shoppers can purchase one of these coloring books or make a donation of any amount at the cash registers by simply by saying you’d like to donate the Fayetteville Public School lunch program.

“We guarantee that 100% of your donation, and of your coloring book purchase, will go straight to the school,” Alexa said. “You can make a difference. You and your kids can color for a cause!”