Life With Ladybug: It’s a pillow! It’s a pet!

By Shannon Magsam, Ladybug’s mama

This week was all about pillows at the Magsam household. I got a new Pier 1 pillow from the spring collection and Ladybug got a new “Pillow Pet” for her birthday. I really didn’t want to add one more stuffed toy to her menagerie, but her heart was set on getting on of those. A good reason to stick to videos and keep those impressionable little ears away from TV ads.

“It’s machine washable!” she tried to sell me with the enthusiasm of a television hawker.

So I caved and got her this unicorn:


I got myself a pillow, too.

I have a great affection for birds these days. They’re a big part of the decor in in my newly-decorated bedroom and now I’ve added a splash of color in my living room. It’s a vintage embroidered pretty:


Much of the extended family is converging on Northwest Arkansas tomorrow to celebrate Ladybug’s eighth birthday. We’ll skate, eat cake and then — as has become the tradition — go eat at the Catfish Hole.

We’ll have extra pillows for all!