Life with Ladybug: This mama’s must-haves from The Mustache

By Shannon Magsam, mama to Ladybug and wife to John

I put out on our Motherlode Facebook page recently that I really love the new store, The Mustache, which is near KNWA on the Fayetteville Square. It has so many fun gift ideas, even baby stuff! So I thought I’d share a few of the items I bought — or just loved — from the store. Some of the small, cutesy stuff is akin to one of my favorite online stores, but I love being able to buy locally. The prices are not ridiculous, either, which I told the owner, Brian Bailey, that a girl could appreciate.

For ME, I bought this Birds on a Wire cutey (made by Genuine Fred). It’s hanging in my hallway and I already want several more to go underneath. I have some of my fave pictures attached. I love to see birds on a wire IRL, and I love birds in general, so this was perfect for me:

I also found this adorable Anne Taintor coin purse for my friend Sabra, who recently celebrated her [COUGH] birthday. We both love shopping, but are trying to rein it in so we can pay off old debts faster. I thought it was funny:

LOVE these bacon products — band-aids and bacon-scented soap — for my daughter. She adores bacon (sorry to all vegetarians out there):


I also loved these little mustache bibs: