Life with Ladybug: Probing questions

By Shannon Magsam

My husband and I have some of the best conversations while we’re driving. There’s just something about being trapped in a car together to get you to Talksville.

On one long trip to Texas while we were dating, I made up scenarios about our future life together (God forbid on pretty much all of them) and asked him to share his reaction. For example:

“We have just caught our daughter climbing out her bedroom window at age 13. What do you say to her?”

“Our 16-year-old daughter is caught shoplifting. What’s her punishment at home?”

“Our 10-year-old son gets into a fist-fight at school. How would you handle that as the dad?”

The truth is, I love asking “deep” questions and finding out what people really think about things. I once thought I’d like to be a counselor, but never followed that path. Instead, I just torture friends and family with my endless questions.

animated-staff.gifThe other day my husband and I were driving home from dinner and I started asking him to name songs for certain categories that I was making up as we drove along. I named mine as well. Here were my answers. I’d love to hear yours! (This isn’t TOO deep, now).

Song you play when you’re sad and want to wallow: Two out of three ain’t bad, Meatloaf

Song that always take you straight back to your youth within the first three notes: The time of my life, Dirty Dancing

Song that always makes you want to dance: What I like about you, The Romantics

Saddest.Song.Ever: Wildfire (from my tween horse phase). When I was pretty young my older cousin played Ode to Billie Joe over and over and I thought that was terribly sad, too.

Song that never fails to lift you out of a funk: Walking on Sunshine, Katrina & the Waves

Song that makes you LOL: The most beautiful girl [in the room ], Flight of the Chonchords

Song that fills you with romance: Faithfully, Journey (Also Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton)

Song that represents convertibles and freedom: Sister Christian, Night Ranger

Best break-up song: Could Have Been So Beautiful, Tiffany

Song you hate to admit you like: Wild Thing, The Troggs

Song that makes you think of being a mom: In My Daughter’s Eyes, Martina McBride

shannonsmthumbnail.jpgShannon Magsam is mom to 8-year-old Ladybug, married to Ladybug’s dad, John, and co-creator of To read previously published installments of Life With Ladybug, click here. Leave a comment if you’re so inclined. I’d love to hear your deep thoughts!


  1. Wildfire! Ha. I guess I didn’t think of it as sad though. I remember listening to it on my clock radio as I was going to sleep as a teenager. The music in that song was somehow comforting to me. I think it’s the first few notes of the song that does it for me. Mike made me a playlist to take to the hospital to use during my labor with Addie and that’s one of the songs I chose!

  2. Well, I’m glad it helped get you through labor! LOL.

    My horse broke her leg when I was about 6 and after she died I couldn’t stand to hear anything sad about horses. I really don’t even know what the song’s about, but I always thought the horse was sad after her girl died….


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