Kids@Play: Amazeum’s video series

category-logo-kidsplay1Welcome back to the video series called Kids @ Play. It’s sponsored by the Amazeum and it’s designed to give all of us new ideas for creating fun (and educational) play experiences for kids and parents. (To see a collection of all the videos, click here to see them now.)

This month’s video is about the collection of tools you should gather when you’re creating an in-home “tinkering” toolkit. Jason Quail, the Tinkering Initiatives Manager at the Amazeum, outlines the tools and gives some tips on how to keep them organized.

If you don’t have the tools (or the time) to make a tinkering toolkit at home, no worries! The Amazeum has a Tinkering Hub, and it’s a perfect place to take the kids to play (and learn while they’re doing it.) The Tinkering Hub is for kids age 7 and up.

Click HERE for more info on the Amazeum’s 3M Tinkering Hub.

If you’re looking for fun summer camps, the Amazeum is hosting several this year. There are camps for different age groups, ranging from age 6 up to age 16. Click HERE for info about the Amazeum’s Summer Camp program.

The Scott Family Amazeum is a hands-on, interactive museum for children and families located in Bentonville, Ark. A science-based museum, the Amazeum encourages creativity, curiosity and community through exhibits, educational collaboration, and programs, workshops and camps. Amazeum experiences include a climbable tree canopy, indoor cave, tinkering hub, nearly one acre of outdoor space, and ever-evolving daily pop-up activities. Click here to find out more about the Amazeum’s first Mini Camp on January 16th. For more information, visit