It’s a girl!

It’s a girl! And we know that because any website inspired by and created for moms is bound to have its share of estrogen.

The idea for was conceived last year, and, ever since then, our minds have been pregnant with the possibilities of what this site could become. Just like real labor, the process was sometimes painful and a little scary. Although both of us have been professional writers for years, this was the first time we ever produced a website and there was a lot to learn.

Now it’s finally here, and we’re both remembering the way we felt in the hospital after our kids were born – exhausted but also proud and blessed by the new baby in our lives. You know that moment when you look into your baby’s face and know, without a doubt, that every single moment of the pregnancy and labor or the adoption process was completely worth it? That’s how this site launch feels for us.

We can hardly wait to see how will grow and evolve. If you and your fellow mamas check in on it as often as we hope you will, we know the site will flourish. So take a good look at our new baby, and let us know what you think. Send us a quick note by clicking here.

Every mom has dreams for her little one. Our dream for motherlode is that it becomes one of your favorite online getaways – a place you can come to catch up with your favorite blog, read an article from one of our guest experts, borrow a recipe, get some advice or read a product review of the newest mascara on the block.

We’ll give you lots of variety, and we promise to balance the facts with fun stuff if you promise to give us your feedback. We’ll be back tomorrow with a new posting. In the meantime, click and enjoy.


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