Great Date Giveaway: Dinner and a show!

Edited to add: We’ll select a winner at 4 p.m. today (May 21) so fire away in the comments for a chance to win! Good luck!

Most moms understand that one of the best things we can do for our kids is to hire a sitter and get the heck away from them for a few hours. Why? Because kids want and need their parents to be in a happy relationship. A solid marriage gives your kids stability and teaches them how to have the same kind of relationship when they’re adults. And let’s face it. Most marriages need a little time away from the kiddos now and then.

Would anybody out there like a solid hour of uninterrupted dinner conversation with an adult? A restaurant with cloth napkins and no chicken fingers on the menu? How about a great show where you can sit in the dark and hold hands with your sweetheart? If any of that sounds appealing, we’ve got a “great date” opportunity designed to give rain_3x4.jpgyou all three.

We’re going to send one lucky reader and her date to Bordinos Italian Restaurant for dinner ($50 value) followed by the show “Rain” at the Walton Arts Center ($60 value). Because “Rain” is a tribute to the Beatles, we’re calling the evening a “I Want To Hold Your Hand” date.

If you’ve never been to Bordinos before, you’ll be in for a real treat. They’ve got chocolate martinis, amazing gourmet entrees like grilled petit tenderloin and a tiramisu dessert made of ladyfingers soaked in espresso coffee layered between mascarpone cream and garnished with raspberry coulis. Need we say more? Oh yeah, and the atmosphere will remind you of your dating life prior to diaper bags and McDonalds drive-thrus. Very metropolitan and upscale but yet still comfortable and unpretentious. It’s just right. After dinner, you’ll simply walk a few steps down Dickson Street to pick up your show tickets at Walton Arts Center.

HOW TO ENTER: To enter the giveaway for dinner and show tickets, simply click the word bordinos2.jpg“comment” below and tell us something you love about the man whose hand you’ll be holding during the Great Date Giveaway. If you’ve got a great guy, now is the time to brag about him. We’ll choose one name AT RANDOM at the end of the week.

More about the show: The Denver Post calls this show the “next best thing to seeing The Beatles.” RAIN includes a repertoire of nearly 200 Beatlemaniac favorites like “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude”, rainsullivan21.jpg“Revolution” and “Come Together.” The show follows the FAb Four from their first Ed Sullivan Show appearance through the Abbey Road album and into the late 60s with their long-haired hippie, hard-rocking days. RAIN is a multi-media, multi-dimensional experience, fusing together historical footage, hilarious TV commercials from the 60s and live cameras zooming in for close-ups.

The band is very faithful to The Beatles by focusing on the details and delivering a perfect note-for-note performance. All the music is live, with no pre-recorded tapes or sequences. If you’re a Beatles fan or are married to one, this is the show to see.

For more information about RAIN, click here to go to the Walton Arts Center website and read more about it. Good luck with the giveaway. Looking forward to reading your comments!


  1. I would love to win this date night! And my husband sooo deserves it too. He has been working really hard at a youth outreach program and is doing such a good job. He is wonderful with kids, especially our 2 year old son Austin. He is an amazing man all around and it would be awesome to win a date night out, it has been so long since we had one.

  2. A few things I love about the guy I would be taking is that he treats me like a princess, thinks I’m gorgeous and likes the fact I’m extremely independent and respects that about me. Plus it would be really nice to treat him to a date night!

  3. I would love to be randomly chosen for this great giveaway. My 15 year old daughter has just discovered the beatles and we could really use some girl time! My husband has been a real grouch lately! And the boys are driving her crazy!! Thanks Mamas for your wonderful website!


  4. Mere,

    I’m so impressed that your 15-year-old would want to go with you — and that she likes the Beatles! You must be raising her right!

    -Shannon M.

  5. Hi, Shannon! I wonder if we’re around the same age. I seem to be bumping into a lot of Shannons lately who are in their mid-30s. Welcome to Motherlode!

    -Shannon M.

  6. My husband treats me like a queen. He always cooks on the weekends, helps with our three busy boys and is a very loving person.

  7. I would love to win this. My husband and I haven’t had a date night in a long time. It would be nice to get out for a few hours.

  8. I love that my husband can still make me laugh even after 15 years together and 2 kids!

  9. My guy is amazing with the kids. We both work from home, so trade off childcare, and I often say he’s better than I am at it! He also somehow knows before I do when my period is coming…yet still tells me how good I’m looking these days. A man so in touch with his feminine side, and not threatened by it. I love him!

  10. Oh my gosh, where do I start?? My husband is wonderful. He just graduated with his masters degree last week, he worked toward this all the while working a full time job and taking care of me and our 4 children. He still suprises me with little gifts for no reason. He does the dishes almost everynight without being asked. He always puts the kids and I first no matter what happens. Best of all, he has made all my dreams come true.

  11. My husband is the most amazing man in the entire world. First of all he has the most amazing blue eyes you have ever seen. He is a wonderful dad, just to name one thing is every morning he gets my preschool kids ready and takes them to daycare. He is also an amazing friend, he is always checking in on people, just because. He is also the best pastor, he goes out of his way for everyone. Most importantly he treats me like a queen! I am so thankful that I have Ched in my life!

  12. My husband always has the best interest of our family in mind. Our family is the most important thing to him and it shows.

  13. One of my favorite things about my husband is the way he is able to get our 9 month old daughter giggling and totally cracking up by his silly voices and crawling around on the floor with her. It is truly priceless!

  14. Please don’t pick me. I have so much extra money and my hubby does not mind that we never got around to celebrating his birthday last week
    ( thought I would try reverse world since I never seem to win !)

  15. I love that my daughter always comes first in his thoughts and cares. Sometimes I feel though that I am the third wheel and I would love a night with him to be “his girl again” for the night! Funny how having a daughter I think does this!

  16. My husband and I spend a lot of time apart. When we first started dating he served in Iraq (we were apart 19 mo) and now he travels for a living and is gone 6-7 months of the year. I love that no matter where he is he is a very active husband and father to our 22 mo old son and month old baby girl. He goes out of his way to show is love by leaving little notes before he leaves and when he is home he changes every dirty diaper!!! For that, I’d love to eat a hot dinner and hold his hand without a toddler or baby in the middle!

  17. We would love a date night!! We have 4 kids ages 6 and under and I can leave him home with all 4 and know they are well taken care of and the house won’t be demolished when I return. That’s a huge task that not every man can or will pull off!!


  18. One of the things I love about my man (there are many things) is that he will cook dinner every night of the week and he enjoys doing it!! And now that I’m preggo with our third child, he takes a lot of extra care of me and the kids and expects nothing in return. Love him!! 🙂

  19. I have a little notebook that I write lovey notes in for my hubby, just to remind him what a great husband, dad and stepdad he is. We met online and after we met in person for the second time (he lived in Colorado) we knew that It Was Serious. He is a planner, I’m a creator, I had two pre-teen daughters, and I was in school with no full-time employment… his commitment to us was not only amazing, but probably verging on insane. This is our fifth year together, and the good days FAR outweigh the rough ones. We are still “in love”, we frequently read each other’s minds, and we laugh at stupid inside jokes to the point that our children think we’ve lost touch with reality. I’m a lucky girl.

  20. Of course, I would love to win, but I really like Lauren’s answer! Ha!

    I love how my husband works so hard to make staying home with our daughter a reality for me! =)

  21. Ahh…So many reasons why I love my husband. He is truly wonderful. BUT the main reason I love him and fell in love with him was his sense of humor. During a time in my life when I swore off dating, I agreed to go on a blind date just to get my friends to be quiet about it and leave me alone. I told them I didnt have to like him but I would go out with him anyway. I only agreed for him to have my email. Sooo…the very first email he send me (which we both ended up saving) introduced himself as “Hey, I am Greg BRown, D’s friend. I was previously a porn star and a body double for Christian Slater…..” I have pretty quick wit…so my response was “Great to finally get to hear from you. I am surprised we havent crossed paths. Looks like we ran in the same circles :)” WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER EVER SINCE! and p.s. he loves the Beatles!

  22. I would love to be able to win this because my husband is a very selfless man. He is never demanding and is always patient. We have 5 kids between us and there is a lot of chaos. It seems like all we do is cook and clean, no time to go out. My husband works construction, sometimes 10 hours a day and on weekends. He is our rock and he is just plain tired and needs to relax. I love him with all my heart. Plus I’ve always wanted to try Bordinos and who doesn’t love the beatles?

  23. My hubby is the best! He loves his family unconditionally and unequivocally! He always puts us first and with 3 girls…..the poor guy suffers for estrogen overload. But he handles it like a champ!

  24. I love that my husband is a complete hands on dad. I only have two, but like Rebecca, I know I can leave for an hour, day, or even weekend and he can handle everything without even one phone call (except to say hi and I love you, of course!)

  25. Last week he called to tell me about a turtle that he saw trying to cross the road, and how he stopped and helped it to the other side. He said he called me because he knew I was the only he knew that would care as much as he did. Then this week he brought home some wild strawberries. This might not seem like a big deal, but last summer he found some wild strawberries that were just amazing and I told him that the next time that happened he should bring some home and we’ll try to grow a patch from seed. I was very suprised that he remembered something so trivial a year ago and that really warmed my heart.

  26. I love my husband because he is a hard worker, honest, smart, funny and sexy guy. He also loves to bake and helps a lot with my 3 boys.

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