Giveaway: Tickets to Charlie Daniels Band at the AMP!

OK, who among us hasn’t cranked up Charlie Daniels’ “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, especially that part with the really cool fiddle duel? That’s some musical talent!

If you want to hear that song live — plus many of his other hits — we’ve got two tickets for you to see the Charlie Daniels Band at the AMP! Click here to listen to snippets of Charlie Daniels’ other songs. The show is at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 2.

Use your free tickets as a special “date night” or a really (Southern) rockin’ girls’ night out. You’ll need all your strength to really rock it, so we’re also giving away a gift card for dinner at Burger Life, on Joyce Street in Fayetteville, just around the corner from the AMP concert location.

MORE ABOUT THE BAND: For almost a half of a century, Grammy® Award winner and Grand Ole Opry inductee Charlie Daniels and his band have been fusing hardcore country with hard-edged Southern rock, boogie and blues. Since releasing the classic song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” in 1979, The Charlie Daniels Band has been considered by critics and fans alike to be country music royalty.

ABOUT THE FOOD: If you like gourmet burgers, we know you’ll love Burger Life. What’s really fun there is customizing your burger or chicken sandwich with ALL KINDS of versatile toppings and sauces. You can create your very own burger masterpiece! Even kids like to order here because it involves writing on a menu. As you wait in line to order, just circle your choice of: meat, bun or bowl; cheese; toppings; and sauce. The burgers are served with home-style chips, but there are all kinds of other sides to choose from, including shoestring fries and fried dill pickle chips. We like the dill pickle chips. A lot.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat, just click on the orange comment button below and tell us about someone in your life who always helps make a good time even better. It might be your sister, your husband, your best friend from high school or a new mom friend who really knows how to let her hair down when the kids are with a sitter. We’ll choose a winner at random on Friday, so be watching your inbox for good news from Motherlode.

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES: If you really want to win these tickets, here’s a good way to increase your odds. Just email a note about this giveaway to your friends/family to help us spread the word and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit.

Good luck in the giveaway! Remember you can buy tickets for this concert and take luck out of the equation altogether. To order tickets, call the Walton Arts Center/AMP box office at 479-443-5600 or click here for ticket info!


  1. My daughter Jennifer. She is a true blessing. She had viral encephalitis when she was nine. Although the doctors gave us little hope of her survival, she did. She is now a LIfeStyle resident, lives on her own with her husband Ian, and works in Food Services at Washington Regional. Although the brain injury has taken away a lot, she is always happy and willing to help others. She doesn’t see her lifestyles friends as “different” she sees only friends who might need a little more time and patience. Although I try to help them when I can, they live on very little ask rarely ask for anything. They love going to concerts and shows at the WAC, they would Ne so tickled to see Charlie Daniels!

  2. My baby brother makes any event a GOOD TIME! He is returning home to his wife and 3 kids today after 6 weeks working in Malaysia. If I am lucky enough to win, I’ll give the tickets to Derek and Hannah. . . they deserve it!

  3. I am so blessed to have an entire network of fabulous girlfriends, grown daughters I count as friends and a great sister, it makes it hard to name just one!

    Generally though, my daughter Laura is my go to for a really fun time. She always makes me laugh.


  4. This mama would love a date night with her super hot hubby! I even have in-laws in town that weekend as a built in babysitter!!

  5. When my husband is in a fun goofy mood, he is a blast. Especially watching him be that way with the kids.

  6. My girlfriends always make a good time better! I could’ve had the worst week ever and when I go out with my girlfriends, I forget about my stressors from the week!

  7. Our son makes us laugh all the time. He is so much fun to be around, and when he starts laughing, everyone laughs. His laughter is so contagious! ‘Nothing like free entertainment!

  8. All three of my kids are always making me laugh. Especially my middle child, she’s so fun. I would love to go out on a date with my hubby. He really likes the Charlie Daniel’s Band.

  9. My sister always makes me laugh and she’s a great companion for any adventure!

  10. Making everywhere we go better is my loving husband!!! We always enjoy going somewhere together!

  11. My sister, Amanda, always knows how to have a good time. We are very different in alot of ways-which is probably the reason we have so much fun together!

  12. My husband can for sure get me going on a fit of laughter easier than anyone I know! A date night on his birthday weekend would be perfect’

  13. It’s hard to remember life without my son Z. He brings a new outlook to any situation and almost everything I do is more fun with him- especially the mundane!

  14. Oh how I would LOVE to go to this concert! I would take my hubby because HE is who makes a good time even better!!

  15. My friend Haley makes me laugh. She is a riot to hang around with. We worked together for several years then her and her husband moved to St. Louis. We have one if those relationships that never fizzles. No matter how long we were away from each other it was always easy to catch up. Thankfully they moved back several years ago and we still have a wonderful friendship. She is my best friend. 

  16. My husband always make a good time better! He is away with the military a lot and when we get a date night we try to make the most of it!

  17. My older brother seems to get a laugh out of me no matter how bad of a day I’m having and how terrible my mood is.

  18. My husband and my kids! Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at the things they say and do. They are truly a blessing and keep me laughing.

  19. My hubby’s bestie Halley is the one I go to to make sure I have a great time! He’s light hearted and a HUGE ball of fun!!!! Oh by the way his birthday is September 11th….help me out!!!! : )

  20. One of my sisters is an extremely happy person. I can not talk to her on the phone without her laughing about something funny.

  21. I love being with all of my children, but my grown daughter is the one that I have the most fun with. We have a connection that is very special and makes all of our times fun!

  22. My best friend, Kelly. She is the life of the party and always good for some jokes! She gets me and knows how to make a bad day good 🙂

  23. My son always brightens my day. A day doesn’t go by without him saying something that makes me belly laugh!

  24. My best friend Joyce is my confidante and my rockin’ good friend. We’ve been through separations and divorces (not mine), cancer twice, and tell each other everything! We both LOVE Charlie Daniels and I would LOVE to take her out for a MUCH-DESERVED girls’ night!

  25. I would love to see Charlie Daniels with my hubby. He also makes things tons more fun. He is so silly and sweet. I hope hope my name will be drawn!


  26. My husband and my children. No matter what mood Im in they always brighten my day. My husband works so hard he has earned a night out. He works so hard for me to be able to stay home with our 2 & 3 yr. old. I would love to be able to present him with a night out. He is the best father and best husband ever. He is the funniest person I know. Thanks!!!

  27. My Mom and my Daughter always make things better for me – I couldn’t do it without them!

  28. There are many people who can make any event even better–especially my friends Jane, Katie,and Tahmra, for whom ANY event is a party! But my husband of 21 years has to be my #1 pick. He travels every week, Monday through Friday, and I have to have lots of good times without him. But I cherish nothing more than the times he makes a good time better just by being somewhere with me! This would be a perfect date night for us–it includes the music and the food we love!

  29. Take out my husband of almost 32 years of marriage. I love to watch the smile come across his face when he thinks he won’t like something and then realizes how fun it is!! So he would be smiling along with me of course

  30. I am so proud of my 16 year old son and Haas Hall Scholar, Jeff Homstad. He always makes a good time better with this funny laugh, his great smile and his good wit.

  31. I am blessed to have lots of people who enhance my life! My kids, grandkids and hubby make life worth living. We do lots of fussing and laughing! gotta have a balance of both! Lots of good friends.

  32. Interestingly enough- my kids almost always make for a great time! And a cool mom friend who lives less than a block away- her too 🙂

  33. My son is the life of the party and always fun to be around and with. He is an adult and always ready to enjoy life.

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