Giveaway: 60 minutes of tension-melting massage!

Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Tracy Byrd, winner of the massage at Pilates Plus!

Just thinking about getting a massage makes us relax.

But this giveaway will take one lucky mama past the thinking (dreaming, wishing, hoping) stage. We’re giving away a 60-minute Swedish massage from Linda Bryant, the therapist at our favorite workout spot, Pilates Plus.

We have been on Linda’s massage table and can tell you from experience that she is GOOD. You will leave refreshed and relaxed.

Linda says, “Your massage can be as gentle or deep as you would like and for whatever time frame works into your schedule.”

HOW TO ENTER: What mama doesn’t need a massage? We hold tension in our shoulders, have headaches from gritting our teeth and we are constantly working our bodies HARD. To win the much-needed massage, click on the orange comment button at the bottom of this post and just vent. Tell us why you need a massage today, if not sooner. We’re guessing that just saying it out loud will help reduce your stress. And, hopefully, you’ll win the massage to help get rid of the rest.

ABOUT THE THERAPIST: Linda offers massage therapy in a room just off the Pilates studio floor. She helps soothe tired muscles before or after a butt-kicking Pilates workout or for anyone who walks in the door looking for a great massage. Linda is a licensed massage therapist who also holds accreditation for direct and indirect techniques for head, back, neck and TMJ relief.

Linda was called into this profession following a terrible traffic accident. During her rehabilitation she underwent extensive therapies including massage. It was the healing touch of massage that propelled her to helping others as she had been helped.

About Pilates Plus: This is a great facility on Main Drive in Johnson that’s equipped with certified instructors in dance, personal training, yoga, and Pilates. It has a mat studio as well as a Pilates equipment studio.  Mats, rings, balls, towels and more are available to clients.

Pilates Plus offers group mat classes and private, semi-private, and group instruction in pilates, yoga, and personal training.  Pole dancing classes are also available at Pilates Plus through The Pole Place. CLICK HERE for more info from the mamas about why we love Pilates Plus.

CLICK HERE to see a video of Pilates equipment in action!

If you want to learn more about Pilates Plus, call 479-287-4519. For a massage appointment, call 479-713-0982.


  1. Oh goodness…where do I begin?! I’ll just say that all the yard work I did yesterday is plaguing me today.

  2. I currently have a just turn 16 year old son, sophmore in high school, and a 19 year old sophmore in college and a husband. My 16 year old just turned 16 this weekend. So he was out driving ….out with friends…..4-6 in my house all weekend. Yikes but fun. I work part time in retail and do marketing for this same business. Along with that I am training for my second Half Ironman. All is good but busy! and would love an hour to myself to unwind. Thanks !

  3. I am in desperate need of this!! In Jan. My husband of 4 years and I decided to seperate, forcing me to move back home, and move in with my younger sister and her boy friend, and 2 giant dogs. With my 2 year old toddler in tow! In a short month I decided to start college again, and I got my own place moving by myself and my little boy. Did I mention all of this happened right before my 23rd birthday. So I am a full time single mom, in college!! Who is going through a seperation and divorce. I keep my house clean, I try and do good for others, helping with baby parties and weddings. I don’t want to toot my own horn but most of the time I put others needs before my own. Right now I am in the process of taking my finals for school and building my portfolio, on top of training my toddler to sleep with out his binky, who is in speech therapy 2 times a week, so most everything is a guessing game! I need this bad! Oh did I mention my ex will have my son on mothers day 600 miles away?/

  4. Not only am I a Kindergarten teacher but a single mom to 2 active kids …after a day of teaching, I spend the rest of the day running my kids to all their sports and activities..I need a relaxing moment! Loving it but its hard on my achy body!! This would be a dream!

  5. Raising a 4 year old, buying a house and planning a wedding! This mama needs a rub down!

  6. I an a single mom. Finishing up a degree and starting grad school in the fall into of working and take my kiddo to activities.

  7. 3 kids,2 dog,100 students, and an uncooperative ex that are all ready for summer vacation a month too soon.

  8. A teen ager, cheerleader, lots of drams keeps my muscles tense all the time. I work full time, husband disabled most of resonsibility for everythings falls on these shoulders.

  9. my stress meeter is off the charts, a demanding job, a teenager and a parent who has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer is kicking my butt !

  10. well let’s see, I have a full time job outside my home, and a part time job at home, my husband works full time and then some, he travels quite frequently with his job, he is going to school, we are remodeling our house, training for a warrior dash (which I have never done before) and my mother has been in the hospital for 3 days, unable to walk for no apparent reason. But wait – there’s more, a 3 yr old, a 6 yr old, T-Ball, piano, ballet, 2 birthdays and a hysterectomy in the very near future and of course on top of all that there are the regular duties of toilets and dishes and laundry, that are a struggle to keep up with. I could totally use a moment.

  11. I’m raising a 3 year old and 6 year old and run both my household and my own law practice. Whew!

  12. I am a mom of 3 awesome, energetic, active, kiddos who keep me happily on the go. I think moms forget about taking “me time”, I know I do, and this would be an amazing way to hopefully start a new trend for myself.

  13. I would love this. As all of these girls above, my world is busy indeed. My husband and I own a heating and air company and I keep up will all the marketing efforts (in the evening) and hold a full time job during the week. This would be such a sweet value add for my tired body.

  14. Today, homeschooling the k-5er is hard. Keeping the 3 year old occupied and fending off the needy, teething 14 month old isn’t really helping much. Not to mention the CHAOS in the house and needing to plan 3 parties this month with no money. God is blessing us with LOTS of life! 🙂 But it is taking a toll. You’re right, just “saying” it “out loud” and knowing that it’s okay for life to be hard sometimes, well, it helps. And seeing that you’re not alone in your struggles…

  15. Ok, here goes, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a husband. Soccer, girl scouts, full time job, part time job, church, husband working both a full time and part time job also, bills, bills, bills, family and friend drama, etc. etc. etc. I am exhausted…, busy and happy, but exhausted 😉

  16. New ministry direction for my husband and I(which has him out of town a lot recently), four kiddos with all different schedules, third grade teacher, lab puppy(enough said there!)…as with all the roles of mothers, educators, wives, etc. there are more roles to fill, then the ole’ body keeps up with. Could always use some pampering. 🙂

  17. Elementary teacher, single mom, super busy hectic schedule 6 days a week, workout hard when I can squeeze it in, and no spouse to alleviate any stress.

  18. I’m a 35-year-old breast cancer survivor. I’m about 2-1/2 years out now from my diagnosis and surgery and 2 years this month out from finishing chemo. I completed the Race for the Cure on Saturday in 36 minutes! I just recently started running and getting back into shape and decided it was high time to take care of me! I can’t even begin to explain how sore my legs and butt are today, but I’ll be running later this afternoon! I’m running not just for me but for my fellow survivors who can’t. We don’t all get an opportunity to start again cancer free and healthy. I’m grabbing this gift of life I’ve been given with both hands and making the best of it!

  19. A rambunctious 2-year-old and a needy 4-month old….I’m very tired, the messes are endless, and I need some ME time!

  20. I would love this. My husband is currently oversees for work for 2 weeks and I am not used to this single parenting.

  21. i work and have an almost 4 year old, and my husband works out of town on a weekly basis! i would love to be able to relax for a whole hour!! 🙂

  22. Ahhh!! If I close my eyes I can almost smell the oils now. : )

    This would be an amazing and relaxing thing to win!

  23. Well, I’d first like to begin by saying YOU GO, MOMMA! To all the ladies who’ve commented already. I’m praying for you all! As far as winning the prize, sure that’d be great. I, too am a 22 year old Momma to an energetic 21 month old, and a teething 7 month old. I’ve been blessed with a husband who is a HARD worker. But honestly, I just wanted to get on here to encourage ya’ll. To the cancer survivor, the single Momma, the married Momma, the supportive wife, the loving Mom:

    Dear God,

    I lift up these precious daughters of Yours. God, I pray You would wrap Your loving arms around them, and let them know that You’re right there beside them. God, as most of these women are going through the exact opposite of what You had in mind, we know that You’re still in the “blessings” department, and will provide for each one of their needs. God, I pray if a woman is hurting, that she would cry out to You. I know You’re faithful, Lord. I pray these women, and myself, won’t let the yells of the enemy drown out the beautiful whisper of Your still, small voice. I pray over the ladies running this website. I thank You for them, and pray You’d bless them, Lord. God, just touch these women’s hearts like you’ve touched mine. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Good luck, ladies! And a big, well deserved “Congratulations!” to whomever wins!

  24. I can say about so many of the above comments: Ditto! We all have such full, crazy, but blessed lives. I’m trying hard to slow down and appreciated my last little one at home before she heads to kindergarten in the fall. Time flies by!

  25. My shoulders are aching right NOW! I was actually thinking of asking my husband to rub them but I always feel bad asking. He has tendonitus in both arms:(

  26. 8-yr old twin boys with baseball practice 3 days a week, a dog with severe skin allergies and a husband that can’t follow a grocery list at the store.

  27. Full time job, 2 kids and Husband on LOA. 4H Leader, Youth Director and soon to be Make a Wish volunteer for NWA…. Please

  28. I’ve read the comments from the other mamas, and I don’t think I can begin to compete with how busy they are — but I’d still love an hour for myself!

  29. Preteen daughter, 3 year old boy, new job soon… I’m stressed beyond belief!!

  30. I have a 4 year old, 2 1/2 year old and baby #3 on the way and my husband plays golf 24/7. I need a day for me! Thanks!

  31. I have a three year old daughter who is going through a phase of not sleeping. And when she does it’s in my bed usually ontop of my head! So I don’t get much rest.

  32. I was in a car accident a few years ago and broke my neck. The techs did not catch it and released me from the hospital. Lucky for me, my fractured neck was discovered the next morning. From time to time I have neck aches. Currently my neck has been giving me a lot of trouble. I would LOVE to be treated to an hour for pure relief!

  33. Three beautiful children plus thunderstorms all night equals no sleep. It’s going to be a long “storm” season in this home!

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