Giveaway: One-of-a-kind NWA Boutique Show items!


Mamas, nwaMotherlode is sponsoring the Northwest Arkansas Boutique Show event again this year! Do you know what that means? Yes, it’s giveaway time!

Last year we gave away some awesome items from various merchants and we want to make 10 mamas happy again this year with gift certificates from 10 of the Boutique Show’s most fabulous vendors!

New this year to the NWA Boutique Show is a “Girls Night Out” preview shopping event on Friday night before the Saturday show.

The Girls Night Out will be Friday, Nov. 19, from 5 to 9 p.m. It’s $10 at the door and will include live Christmas jazz, swag bags (for the first 500 guests and they’re packed with over $50 worth of products, samples and tons of merchant coupons), door prizes and more! A portion of the proceeds from Friday night’s preview shopping event will benefit the projects of the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas.

FREE admission to the Saturday show on Nov. 20 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the number of merchants has climbed to more than 120! It’s the biggest NWA Boutique Show yet.

As we said, 10 of those merchants are giving away $20 gift certificates! Yep, you’re getting cold, hard shopping cash to choose what you want! And, yes, there will be 10 winners.

Here are some pictures of items sold by the merchants who are donating gift certificates. Click on pictures below to visit the merchants’ websites to see what you’ll use your shopping cash for if you’re one of the lucky 10!

Maude Boutique

Peaces of Indigo

Bella Jack's Children's Boutique

Mrs. Polka Dot

Willow House

Gingiber Design
Junior League of NWA Cookbook
Amber Lanning Photography

HOW TO ENTER: We love being able to have 10 winners. To throw your name in the giveaway hat, just click on the orange “comment” button below and tell us about a great find you’ve snagged at a spring or fall NWA Boutique Show event. If you’ve never been to one of the shows before, tell us what item you’d love to find at the show.

We’ll choose 10 winners at random on Friday (Nov. 5), so be sure to check your in-box!

As always, e-mail your friends and family about this giveaway (and don’t forget to CC us) to increase your chances of winning:

About NWABoutique Show: With more than 120 unique boutiques, this show is packed with thousands of one-of-a-kind custom and boutique items. We’re always amazed at the creativity on display at these shows. You’ll be able to find a huge variety of Christmas, birthday and “just for me” gifts! Click here to see all the merchants!

Insider tip: If you join the NWA Boutique Show facebook group… they’ll send you a fast pass for Saturay’s show so you can avoid the lines at the door! Click here to join!

Also: Since we’re sponsoring the Boutique Show again this year we’ll have a booth at the show. Please stop by to say hello and sign up for our giveaway.

Click here to check out the Boutique Show’s new website. Good luck to you!


  1. We are expecting a new arrival in May so some extra cute baby items are on the top of my list!!

  2. Great giveaway. The boutique show was a great way to do some Christmas shopping last year. Can’t wait!

  3. I have never been before but I plan to go this year! I would love to find some cute Christmas hair bows for my girls and maybe a cute Christmas outfit for my older one.

  4. I would love to win any one of the fabulous gift certificates. Everything looks great. I am a fan of Willow House products.

  5. Looking forward to attending the show with big hopes of winning the giveaway!

  6. Last year I was able to get some early Christmas shopping done. I had to be sneaky to buy my mom and sister in law gifts because they were with me. 🙂

  7. I have never been, but my 15 year old daughter has a very unique taste in jewelry. She likes jewelry that is original and not the same run of the mill that everyone can have. I would love to find something for her to give on her birthday.

  8. I’ve never been to the boutique show, but I’m sure I will find some things I can’t live without. 😉

  9. I’m excited to see Gingiber Designs there! They have ADORABLE stuff, but I wasn’t able to get anything the first time I saw her at a little boutique sale in September. And of course, anything my sister sells (she makes jewelry at be fabulous. 🙂

  10. I’ve never been to the show before, but I would love to go! I like the Gingiber clothespin calendar wall, so I would be sure to hit her booth!

  11. I went last year thinking I would be there for a few minutes only. Ahem, it turned into well over an hour and I had to MAKE myself leave and not spend all my money!

  12. Can’t wait!! BTW… the swag bags for the first 500 on Friday night are packed with hair products, lotion, candles, candy, vitamins, gift certificates and more! Worth WAY more than the $10 cost of the ticket! Support Junior League of NWA and come Friday! (Saturday is free)

  13. A really good of friend and I started going to the NWA boutique show in Dec 2008. We haven’t missed one yet, we absolutely love it. Every show we a another girlfriend or two to the group. We all already cleared our schedules for the Friday night event and we CAN’T wait. And of course, we are inviting new girls to the experience. We LOVE the NWA Boutique Show and have no intentions of missing one, EVER!

  14. Would love a way to buy some Christmas without the dough! Children’s Hospital bills are expensive.

  15. You have the most fantastic giveaways! Am looking forward to some early Christmas shopping. Have never been, but I sounds great!

  16. I love it last year. The jewelry I think was my favorite!! I can’t wait to see what wonderful things they’ll have this year.

  17. This looks great! It would be amazing to win money to shop here! We almost lost our home to foreclosure, had a baby & learned my dad has stage 4 cancer of the brain and liver all in the past year so it would be a very welcome relief!

  18. I have never been but it would be neat to find some cool items for my little girl or my home.

  19. Have never been to the Boutique show, but would love to find some cute “girlie girl” clothes for my 6 year old.

  20. I’ve never been to one of the shows, but with 2 little girls, I’d love to find a good photographer to take their picture!

  21. I got some great jewelry and cute christmas arrangements last year. Last year was my first year to go and I love to see all the great creative ideas people have. Have fun!!

  22. We just moved here, so I have never been before. But, I am so excited to attend the show! I would love to find some cute clothes and girly things for my 4 year old daughter!

  23. I LOVE the boutique show! I’ll be attending with all my girlfriends and our daughters. 🙂

  24. I’ve never been but I’m so excited to go this year. last year I had my first daughter and we just found out that in March we will be having another girl…so I’m looking to stock up on cute girly accessories 🙂

  25. havent made it to a show yet….looking forward to this year. I want to get all my holiday shopping done!

  26. LOVE this show!!! i have many friends with a booth at the show, and they never cease to amaze me. it only gets better every time im there. can’t wait for the 19th!!!

  27. At the last show, I bought my daughter a beautiful, handmade dress from Jenkies.

  28. I’d love to find something just for me! I’ve never been to this show because most of what I see here is out of my budget…but not if you help me! ;0)

  29. Wow, I would be so grateful to win…I have been several years and my head is just spinning due to the many awesome items available. My favorite was a beautiful silver necklace that held your favorite picture in black and white…very stylish!..great christmas gifts!!

  30. I got a purse with my name on it. Since my name is kind of unique its hard to find. I had to order it but it was a great price…I actually bought two from megan lee designs.

  31. I’ve never been. Would love to find some cute hand painted ornaments or a GREAT new bag to carry!

  32. I always get way too much stuff at this event. From decor for my kids’ rooms to Christmas decorations, it is all so fun!

  33. I would love to find some unique holiday gifts and see some creative craft ideas. I would love to go shopping with one of those gift cards!!!

  34. I’d love to find some cute little girl clothes for my baby girl! It’s so fun having a girl:)

  35. I am shopping for unique gifts for Christmas. It sounds so much fun and would love to win extra cash.

  36. I’d love to find some really nice bows for my daughter and some christmas gifts!!!85

  37. Wow! This sounds like a lot of fun! I never go shopping and I love goodie bags! Im there!

  38. I have never been before but it looks like a wonderful time. I am planning to go check it out with my girlfriends.

  39. I have added this to my calendar…can’t wait! Sounds like a fun day of shopping!
    Love NWA Motherlode…you guys are cool!

  40. I love all the cute clothes that I buy there for my daughter, it is so much fun to see all of the new and cute ideas people come up with from one year to the next! Can’t wait for November 19-20!!

  41. the NWABoutique Show should be super exciting this year…so many booths so little time!

  42. I have never attended the show, but looking forward to finding lots of great Christmas gifts!

  43. I’d love to find some great Christmas presents. I have a three year old who loves to dress up and I know I could do some spending damage for her there!

  44. Why have I never heard of this before????? I can’t wait to attend! New experience, new ideas, new purchases – -GREAT!!

  45. All the booths had fabulous finds. Loved the scrabble tile necklaces last spring. 🙂

  46. I love all of the personalized gifts you can find. Great way to knock out some Christmas shopping!

  47. I am SO excited about the “Girls Night Out” this year! I got so many cute things last year that it’s hard to pick a favorite. It is worth the trip just to see Amber Lanning’s amazing photos on display!

  48. Oh, I would love to find my girl a great Christmas outfit! I love hand made clothes!

  49. I’ve never been before and am so excited to check out all of the great stuff everyone talks about.

  50. This will be my first visit but I’d love to find cute girlie accessories and a funky winter hat or scarf.

  51. I’ve never been before, but I’d love to find some fabulous accessories for myself and for Christmas gifts!

  52. This will be my first year but so excited to hopefully get my Christmas shopping finished at the show!

  53. I attended the Spring ’10 show and purchased several unique items. This show has a great selection of one-of-a-kind gifts and felt it was a perfect fit for my shop, so I’m returning as a vendor this time.

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