Giveaway: See Finding Neverland at Walton Arts Center

This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to local mama Jeannie Bowen, winner of the 4 free tickets!

If you love Peter Pan, you’ll love this show which tells his incredible backstory. We have 4 FREE tickets for the Finding Neverland show at Walton Arts Center on Dec. 19th.  The show runs Dec. 19-23, so it’s perfect to take family who may be visiting for Christmas.

The winner of’s Audience Choice Award for Best Musical, this breathtaking smash “captures the kid-at-heart,” says Time Magazine. Directed by visionary Tony®-winner Diane Paulus, the show is based on the critically-acclaimed Academy Award® winning film, Finding Neverland.

The story: Playwright J.M. Barrie struggles to find inspiration until he meets four young brothers and their beautiful widowed mother. Spellbound by the boys’ enchanting make-believe adventures, he sets out to write a play that will astound London theatergoers. With a little bit of pixie dust and a lot of faith, Barrie takes this monumental leap, leaving his old world behind for Neverland, where nothing is impossible and the wonder of childhood lasts forever. The magic of Barrie’s classic tale springs spectacularly to life in this heartwarming theatrical event. Recommended for ages 7+.

Finding Neverland is “far and away the best musical of the year!” (NPR).

Here’s a video for a little sneak peek:

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  1. My son has the biggest imagination of any child i have ever known. He has an entire make believe world that he frequents. I swear he should be a writer. He tells us the best stories

  2. My kids love to pretend they are superhero’s. They would love a chance to see this show!

  3. My son loved to dress up as a diver-we made an air tank from a 2 liter bottle and attached straps for him to wear it and a tube for him to “breathe” through. He did this every day for at least a year of his life. Still he loves to dress up as an army man & would love to become a navy seal! My daughter just pretends every one of her stuffed animals is real and treats them to a special vet visit with her various vet tools and, of course, treats. 🙂

  4. My kiddos love all kinds of make believe. One day they’ll be princesses then policemen searching for criminals.

  5. My granddaughters pretend to fly. Sometimes they are birds, but often prehistoric or mythological creatures. They live to imitate animals for the rest of us to identify. Love this stage!

  6. My children would always pretend to be characters from Disney movies. Toy Story was a favorite with my twins pretending to be Buzz and Woody.

  7. My grand daughter often would be in the big
    Swing in the yard pretend we would be swinging to FLORIDA !! Her first place to fly to !

    She is wonderful !

    We would love to go Finding Neverland!

  8. My daughter pretends to be so many things! Mostly she makes believe with her barbies😊

  9. My girls are in prime imagination stage, and I love it! They almost always pretend they are mommas with babies, and I love watching their interactions play out! My oldest loves to pretend she’s a scientist and is on the verge of discovery! My youngest also likes to pretend that she’s a makeup artist as she covers her face in makeup!

  10. An easier answer is what have my kids not pretended to be… both of my kids have huge imaginations and my 10 year old daughter is creative enough with face paint or making costumes from normal clothes, it’s a form of entertainment for my husband and me to see what they become next. (Puppies, kitties, pirates, princesses, kings, characters in movies, etc.)

  11. I feel like my kids live in costume and imaginary lives half of the time, ha! Puppies, kitties, Native Americans, and pioneers are some of the most common here!

  12. My son always pretends to be a race car driver, and my daughter is always singing and dancing!!

  13. My adult kids believe that they are in Middle Earth. My son even had a Medieval Middle Earth Wedding theme. My grandson lives at Hogwarts, one of my granddaughters is Merida from Brave and the other is Elena of Avalor.

  14. Right now my 4 year old pretends to be an “elf on the shelf.” It is pretty funny. He wears his red Christmas pjs and poses around the house. 😛 I follow on Pinterest, Twitter, get the newsletter and commented on FB.

  15. My daughter loves to imagine all kinds of things. Her imagination tends to come in the form of drawings. She will draw everything under the sun and describe in full detail what is going on. She is 5 so not all the images are easy to tell what they are at first glance.

  16. My boys always loved to pretend to be anything from race car drivers to Peter Pan & the lost boys to Indiana Jones & other movie characers

  17. Jaydan 9 and Jasmine 6 love pretending they are lost in a jungle, filled with wild tigers and bears! They cook and clean, build houses and create “food” from outdoor finds. Most nights Im hit with an invitation to a dance recital full of made up dances and routins. This age is so much fun! We would love to see Neverland.

  18. My son pretends he is a football player on a regular basis. We have more footballs laying around our house than I can count.

  19. Our daughter, Emma, was always, ALWAYS, a princess and our son, Aiden, was usually some kind of superhero. But he did have a precious Peter Pan costume that he would wear and he was seen on one or two occasions in whichever princess dress his big sister talked him into wearing. Emma has since traded in the princess dresses for Haas Hall uniforms and Aiden is usually in a football, baseball or basketball jersey, but our family would so love the opprotunity to see this play together!

  20. My kids love to play babies. One has to be the baby and the other one is the mommy.

  21. My kids were always playing dress up. They were everything from a princess to a pirate or anything in between.

  22. My 7 year old is constantly pretending his is a major league sports star. You name it and he can play it. He makes a catchers outfit out of various other items. He makes plays and does the calls. He is the player, ref/umpire, announcer and people in the stands. He covers all aspects of sports!

  23. My daughter pretends to be Lego friends when she is playing with her legos. Or she pretends to be a Barbie and always gives herself the name “Kayla” 🙂 sometimes she pretends to be a mom…which I love. She is always pretending!!

  24. My boys pretend to be builders and basketball stars now, but they both used to love pretending to be chefs! Miss that age.

  25. My 10 year old son loves to play military and loves to pretend he is in the military and has for years now. A significant portion of the house is his military base he has constructed with cardboard boxes and other items. He dreams of being able to serve his country one day and be like his grandfather and uncles and be in the Air Force or Navy. He would love to be able to go see Finding Neverland!

  26. My oldest daughter had an imaginary friend, a bunny rabbit she called Dubby Dub!

  27. My son pretends to be a puppy named Rascal. He has a very detailed description of what he looks like and is super sweet and cuddly as Rascal!

  28. My son(7yrs.) pretends he is all of the superheros as well as all of the video game characters. Such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and Luigi, and Mega Man (he has costumes for them). My daughter (9yrs.) is just in her own world. I can hear her in her room playing with her toys and making voices.. Her conversations are so real that we have to check on her. They have never been to a live action play. They would love it!

  29. I would love to take my big girl 15 year old! She still pretends in her own grown up way! Singing musicals all the time!

  30. My 15 year old still sings along with musicals! And my 13 year old son wished he was 7 forever, back when he was 7!

  31. My daughters pretend to be princesses or play family. Usually one of them is Ariel and the other is Rapunzel. Or if they are playing family one is the mom the other is the baby.
    Thanks for the chance to win! We’d love to be able to see the show!

  32. She loves to imagine she owns a ranch and is a horse back rider with a ton of other animals. She tells her father that we can have any animal we want to live on her farm.

  33. My daughter has such a wild and fun imagination! I love watching and listening to her imaginary play. Her favorite, is pretending to be a big sister to all her stuffed animals.
    When my son was younger he would love to pretend he could fly and would jump off everything 😆! They would love to see this play!!

  34. My kids love to play “Homeless Orphans”😳. I’ll be called upon to pretend to find them and take them in (after they’ve had some dangerous adventures, of course) and we all live happily ever after.

  35. My boys setup elaborate scenes with Legos and bring them to life. They recently built a Lego-size movie theatre and crafted a screen from a piece of paper. Then, they used a flashlight and made a shadow puppet movie for the LEGO Figures.

  36. My girls love to pretend with their dolls and my son is all about being a super hero.

  37. My girls love to pretend to be gymnasticers as they say!
    They do cartwheels and flip all through my living room!

  38. My 2,5 year old loves to pretend he is a dinosaur… or is starting making comments there are monsters in his room :-/

  39. My kids will pretend to be each other. Or pretend to be mommy. It’s not always the most flattering game 😂

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