Divine in ’09 Smile Makeover: Check out Savanah!

We love making Northwest Arkansas moms smile with our giveaways. With our Divine in ’09 Smile Makeover giveaway, we took that a step further! Savanah Hamby of Fayetteville, mom to 13-month-old Sawyer, won this life-changing gift and her new smile is absolutely amazing.

Dr. Ann Hubbs of Life Style Dentistry donated over $10,000 worth of free dental work, including root canals, fillings, whitening and veneers. Dr. Hubbs went above and beyond, focusing on giving Savanah a smile that’s as healthy as it is beautiful.

Here was Savanah’s smile “before”:


Well, last week Savanah was treated to the final phase of her Divine in ’09 experience — a hair and makeup makeover!

Meghan at About You Spa & Salon in Springdale gave her a sexy new cut to match those movie star teeth. And Melinda at MJW Photography (our photo gallery sponsor!) joined us at the salon to document the exciting finale.

We had to talk Savanah into bangs, but I think she knows now that we were so right to hassle her! She got her eyebrows waxed, her hair glossed, her eyes (subtly) made up and the aforementioned bangs! Here are some of Mindy’s fabulous photos from the makeover:





Savanah, 25, almost didn’t enter her smile in the giveaway. She decided at the last minute to go for it so she wouldn’t always wonder “what if”. Savanah joked at the beginning of the makeover that, ironically, she never wears makeup, cuts her own hair and has always hated her smile. Not anymore!

“The new smile is fabulous,” she said. “I feel so much more confident now, and I’ve been flashing a huge smile to everyone I see. It’s amazing how one little thing can make such an impact on your self confidence! Honestly, I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt.”

Savanah wanted to thank Dr. Hubbs and noted that Life Style Dentistry made the makeover so much more enjoyable because of the staff there. “They really take an interest in their patients’ lives,” she said. (Here’s a pic of Dr. Hubbs and Savanah.)


The Motherlode mamas also extend their thanks to Dr. Hubbs for such an incredible giveaway. We tentatively asked for teeth whitening and Dr. Hubbs generously offered to do the whole enchilada. Thank you, Dr. Hubbs!

We also want to thank Meghan at About You Spa & Salon as well as MJW Photography for helping to make Savanah’s experience positively DIVINE.


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